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Small Asteroid Prospector Ship

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Small Asteroid Prospector Ship
Background: One of my players is probably retiring his character (well, he's been turned into a villain because of his awesome back-story and flaws coming to the forefront in a mission.) His idea for a new character is to play an asteroid mining prospector, which in his mind means he has his own small ship. I expect he'll still be playing a character with a living biological morph as his home body. So here's my plan for what kind of ship he'll have. Mind you, I don't think we'll be using the ship in missions all that often, but I want it detailed enough that we could use it. I also don't want to cripple his character by forcing him to buy lots of gear he won't use almost at all. So my idea is to base the ship off the Martian Rover from Sunward, and just hand wave away the improved shielding, structure, and engines the ship would need to be viable. Prospecting Ship: This tiny spacecraft is essentially a small tincan habitat with weak engines. It's not suitable for travel between planets or in atmospheres, but can manage to slowly make it's way between asteroids in the belt. It features an old fashioned plasma rocket, maneuvering thrusters, and cramped living quarters to accommodate up to six people, with 0-g beds, kitchen, and bathroom. It's also equipped with a fabber, mobile lab, headlights, radar system, external cameras, radio booster, drone-launching rack, and a two-person airlock to protect the internal pressurized environment. Note that cost of the ship does not include fuel for the plasma rocket. [Expensive] Fuel for the rocket is also [Expensive]. The ship is likely to be equipped/upgraded with mining related robot-drones (0-G modded Dwarfs), and possibly a Buzzer (vehicle scale or implanted in the dwarf) loaded with Engineer nanites, although Disassemblers or even Protean swarms might also be viable for mining. Dwarfs are [Expensive] Buzzers are [Moderate] Engineers (swarm) are [Moderate] Disassemblers and Proteans (swarms) are both [High] I also imagine his ship having an Ego Bridge [expensive], and Farcaster rig [low]. He might also need a Neutrino Transceiver [Expensive] given the ranges, although a deployed network of fabbed up radio boosters [low, moderate for blueprints] might also work at less cost. In either case, he'll need a way to ego-cast out & back on Firewall Missions. Firewall may actually have set him up with some of these devices at no cost to himself. Alternatively: If he doesn't want to spend much on it, he could simply go with a Hardsuit suit and a Rocketbuggy. It would be viable if he wasn't going far from some major (mobile?) hub. He might use some hand held or easily portable mining gear (again a Buzzer with the right nanites).
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Re: Small Asteroid Prospector Ship
Sounds reasonable. Fission or fusion reactor? If it is in the Belt most of the time it can get away with solar power arrays for most everyday use, but for getting some delta-v it needs something with more oomph.
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Re: Small Asteroid Prospector Ship
for a deck plan I'd suggest this ship http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=88505 it's a "Clark" style ship that seems to fit your description. Tecnically it's a "cutter" with a laser but you can ignore that part.

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