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Skillset of Oversight Agent?

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Skillset of Oversight Agent?
What kind of skills would you give to an investigative field agent of Oversight in the Planetary Consortium? What would be most important for them to do their job?
Bursting Eagern... Bursting Eagerness Soul's picture
Off the Top of my Head
I would say: Active: Investigation, Perception, Kinesics, Scrounging, Fray, Infiltration, Deception, Persuasion, Intimidation. Knowledge: Academics (Cryptography, Economics, Psychology, Sociology), Interests (Conspiracies, Criminal Groups, Politics, Rumors), Profession (Auditor, Internal Affairs, Forensics, Security Operations, Spycraft). You would probably want to add/subtract skills to fit a specific role, but that would be a basic grouping.
In other words, firing off a laser with a sufficient TWR for the recoil to be noticeable would require a post-miracle-tech laser weighing less than a disposable plastic spoon and powerful enough to shoot down Death Stars? -- ShadowDragon8685