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Singularity Foundation = SIAI? *Spoilers*

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Singularity Foundation = SIAI? *Spoilers*
Okay, so we know that a group called the Singularity Foundation succeeds at creating Friendly AI sometime before the Fall; these were the first seed AI, the Prometheans, rather than the netwar TITANs that were made by government black budget projects. Is the Singularity Foundation the same organization as the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence? I hope so, because that means I didn't waste that $25 I donated the other day.
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Re: Singularity Foundation = SIAI? *Spoilers*
I think they are an expy. A bit like how the Argonauts have a link to the Jasons. Of course, in the history of EP the Singularity Foundation could very well be an organisation started long after the SIAI disappeared, taking the name. Meanwhile the Future of Transhumanity Institute is still ticking along in off-site Oxford somewhere in Valles New Shanghai, writing abstract reports mainly read by Prometheans for amusement... :-)