Simple System for in-game personal projects.

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Simple System for in-game personal projects.

Simple System for in-game personal projects.
1. Describe the project to the GM.
2. GM sets the difficulty and time period.
3. Every time period spent on the project, you roll relevant skill and check the MoS.
4. Add the MoS to project progress.
5. Repeat steps 3-4 until project progress exceeds the difficulty.

No "Taking your time", No Moxie.
Criticals set the MoS to your skill lvl.
CritFails are setbacks equal to amount rolled.


Good toolset adds to your skill.
+0 for tools allowing you to do the job
+10 for workshop,
+20 for excellent facilities

If the project is hard, non-routine or ground breaking, progress requires Good Success or Excellent Success.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Helena is working on her replica of Ford Mustang GT for traversing Marsian freeways retro style. She has her workshop with assortment of fabbers, which allows her to do the job. GM sets the difficulty at 80 and tells Helena every attempt is downtime action of 1 week.
Helena is a good mechanic her Hardware: Groundcraft
is at 50. First week she rolls 87. Let's Narrate she had trouble with translating old-timey car project into blueprints her fabbers accept. Also she decided to make some modifications to car's suspension allowing for off-road capability and changed the engine to a hybrid.
Second week she rolls 34, making good progress and assembling most of the car chassis and basic elements. After a splurge of cash from a sidejob she buys a servitor mech. That upgrades her facilites to a +10.
Third week she rolls an 11 a critical success. Her progress increases by 60 to 94. GM allows her to finish early or add some extra features. She chooses to work in some structural reinforcement into the suspension granting the car +10 to extreme manouvers.

Vax is a white spy, he works for Oversight and some Triads as a consultant. He is asked by Oversight to create a schematic of Youn Ting's operating structure.
GM sets the difficulty at 120. And task period at 1 month.
Because Vax has to be carefull not to alert Triad to his inquiries he makes progress on Good Success. But also because he is already a security consultant for them he receieves +20 bonus.
Vax is veteran information gatherer his relevant skill is 60.
First month Vax rolls 41. He makes a good progress outlining the overall organisational structure of the Triad, by tracking their members personal interactions and expenditures.
Second month Vax rolls 29. He gathers some leads, but nothing substantial.
Third month Vax rolls 65 raising his progress to 106. Thanks to a job for the Triad he gains insight into their operating procedures and tracks similiar patterns in transactions across the system.
Fourth month Vax rolls 88 a critical failure. GM decides that this means his false identity is compromised. He is no longer a consultant for the criminals and gains an Enemy: Youn Ting Triad trait.
Fifth month Vax rolls 50 completing his investigation. Oversight moves in, taking down the operation and its dependent microcorps.

Vuko is a nanotech specialist. Recently he got hands on seemingly dormant sample of TITAN nanoswarm. He wants to investigate and learn what he can from this incredible opportunity. Because it is an unknown territory, GM sets the difficulty at 500 but doesn't reveal this to the player.
Because Vuko has access to accelerated simulspaces and uses forks his task period is 1 week. Because he has access to state of the art lab that was designed to handle dangerous nanotech, he is allowed to do the task with no penalties and critical failure will only result in loss of 20% of the sample.
Because it is TITAN nanotech the progress can be made only on Excellent Success.
Vuko is a leading scientist in his field with Nanotechnology at 90.
1st week he rolls 88 a critical success, progressing by 90. He creates custom notation system, that seems to be a good aproximation of information transfer in the nanoswarm.
2nd week he rolls 18. No progress. These nanobots sure are intricate.
3rd week he rols 64. Vuko manages to dissect the nanobot without damaging its internals.
4th week - 26 no progress
5th week - 50 no progress
6th week - 72 no two nanobots are the same, but still they're not mutating at the rate expected and seem to retain its original programming.
7th week - 25 no progress
8th week - 33 a critical success. 90 progress. The similiarites between nanos are only surface level. The whole swarm is a self-stabilising ecosystem in of itself. But what keeps it in check without devolving into darwinian fight for survival?
9th to 21 weeks - 43, 01, 94, 47, 23, 35, 37, 46, 18, 38, 13, 97, 17 no progress.
22th week - 11 critical success. Progress: 316+90. The whole swarm is a distributed computer and while every element of it can replicate separately only as a whole it will retain its function. Minimal functional unit of the swarm seems to be 2 873 632 nanobots. But why that number?
23th week - 10 no progress
24th week - 73 Vuko was able to replicate the swarm, create some stable compositions even issue them a simple commands. The breakthrough seems so close. It is the infosphere of the swarm that needs to be decoded. Swarmanoids seem similiar in distributed computing of egos, but they're so limited and standarised. Nanoswarm is much more dense in information.
25th week - 00 critical success. "I... I understand. It is... beautiful..."

The lab notes of professor Vuko were partially recovered from his destroyed lab. Apparently self containment protocols were engaged with full force. Whereabouts of the proffesor are now highly sought after by Firewall agents, Ozma operatives, Cognite PsiOps cell and other interested parties.

"The insidious thing about exurgent virus is that it is pure information with a structure able to function in any information processing unit. Unfortunately that means that any sufficiently accurate model of an exurgent virus behaviour is an exurgent virus. Like the meme: The Game. If you think about The Game, you've already lost the game"
Excobar, Firewall Crow

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Just as a side note, as it

Just as a side note, as it has been bugging me for a while: It's "exsurgent".

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This looks very useful. I'm

This looks very useful. I'm going to have to save this. Thanks!