simple lists, tables? charts?

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simple lists, tables? charts?

ive taken part now in 3 campaigns run by 2 different Game masters, and begun to put together my own missions.

however, something that remains inefficient across all campaigns i have experienced is induced by the intricate political and governmental influences in all the various sections of the solar system.

i understand that due to the constantly changing nature of the solar system and orbiting bodies, that the usually intuitive map- like approach to understanding political and ideological boundaries and their inhabitants simply does not work.

something that would still be usefull however is a comprehensive list including

name of location
what is it? (city, type of station, habitat, etc)
planet, including whether its on the surface, in orbit, and what Lagrange point its at.
governing body/self sufficient
presence of special interest groups (firewall, hypercorps, Osma)
significant resources

it would be extremely nice for example, to be able to search for all planets and stations under the terragenesis.
or for example, search for a habitat orbiting mars in which someone could find something specific to koreans.

it would take several read throughs of the book to be familiar enough with the solar system to be able to competently make travel decisions, which most players have not done, so in the interests of making for more varied and entertaining gameplay. such a list would be nice.

this would make it alot easier to present multiple options to the players, and to design campaigns in which the entire party decides to affiliate with one particular group for a period of time, and carry out the agenda in a coherent manner.

does something such as this exist?
if not i may start making one. probably using Microsoft excel would make it easily sortable.

just out trying to get opinions or perhaps steered towards a good online resource for such a thing.