Short-term Online Game in November [FULL]

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Short-term Online Game in November [FULL]
I'm looking to run a game of Eclipse Phase online in November (and maybe spreading into December). It will basically be a single adventure spread over 2-3 sessions. [u][b]Schedule[/b][/u] I have not settled on a final schedule, so we have some flexibility for integrated interested players. I live in the U.S. Eastern time zone, which will be UTC-5 in November. (We're currently in daylight savings time, but that ends at the end of October.) I have one interested player in U.S. Central (UTC-6) and another in the same timezone as I. Games will be on Friday or Saturday evening, starting at 2100 EST and lasting 2-4 hours. The schedule is subject to the vagaries of life. I have two kids, and they're not always great sleepers, so I may have to bug out of a session to deal with them. Or one could get sick and I'd need to cancel at the last minute. I say that because I want to be up front and hopefully open the door for anyone else who might be in the same boat. [u][b]About Me[/b][/u] I've have been gaming since B/X D&D, and GMing most of that time. My preferred genres include sci-fi, horror, and conspiracy. In more recent years, I have GM'd [i]Transhuman Space[/i], [i]Unknown Armies[/i], and [i]Shadowrun[/i]. I haven't finished reading the EP core book yet, but the setting is just so freaking awesome that I can't wait to start putting something together. [u][b]My play style[/b][/u] tends towards character-focused and roleplaying. I like setting up mysteries and conspiracies. I like characters that have their own goals and motivations. I'm more focused on story than action, although there is a time and a place for blowing shit up. [u][b]Miscellany[/b][/u] I want to run the game using either Roll20 or Tabletop Forge (in a Google+ Hangout). I want to capture the feeling of being around a gaming table as much as possible. I'm open to doing something text-based, too. I have successfully run IRC and chat games. At the very least, I want to do something real-time (no play-by-post). Reply or PM if you have questions or are interested. Thanks! Phil
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I'd be up for just Skype. I'm
I'd be up for just Skype. I'm on PST (California), and time isn't an issue for me at that hour, I'm a bit of a night owl anyway. I've only GMed EP, and I'm looking for the opportunity to actually play a character.
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I definitely want to use a
I definitely want to use a virtual tabletop of some sort. Roll20 has built-in text chat. It remains to be seen if we're going to use voice/video, too.
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I haven't used roll20 or
I haven't used roll20 or anything similar, so I'll need to research that. I would appreciate voice chat, due to my horrendous spelling and typing skills, but in the grand scheme of things, it isn't necessary. I am going to be playing an insane character, it's one of the occupational hazards of being schizophrenic, but I know when and when not to act out my insanity. I already have a character made on a whim that I'm happy with, so that's taken care of, depending on if you had any stipulations.
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I appreciate your candidness,
I appreciate your candidness, so in the spirit of full disclosure, I have to say that I'm already feeling a little overwhelmed by this game. I've got more interested players than I'm comfortable with, and my anxiety is starting to kick in. I don't think I can handle adding a "crazy character" into the mix. I'm sorry. With a smaller group, I would be willing to give it a shot, but with an oversized group, it's just too much. Maybe some other time. Good luck! Phil
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I appreciate your honesty,
I appreciate your honesty, though for future reference, insanity does not usually mean that a person runs around screaming. Often, insane individuals appear perfectly fine until they utter words or are put under stress. I'm not lobbying for a change of heart, as a fellow GM I understand the stress involved, just giving a bit of insight.
Schizophrenics make for interesting storytellers.
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This sounds awesome I
This sounds awesome I definitely want in. I am free those nights and its in my time zone.'s picture
Unfortunately, the game is
Unfortunately, the game is full at the moment (I will update the thread title to reflect this), but I will put you on the waiting list if space opens up.