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This ship... This living ship...

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This ship... This living ship...
Given both what can be done with implants and what's been accomplished with the Surya has anyone toyed with creating a spacecraft with a biological hull or a spaceborn organism with internal bays to accomidatw passengers and cargo (and weapons)? Or given that existing vessels appear able to meet most of the abilities of a "biomechaniod spaceship" is it something simply seen as interesting but not nessecery?
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Too Specialized?
It seems to me that bio-engineering something with engines, internal chambers with (or without) atmosphere, a suitable hull, etc. etc. would most likely be more problematic than engineering it the "traditional" way.

Particularly since repair would be much easier - replace a module rather than wait for the ship to heal.
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We don't cover anything like

We don't cover anything like this in the core book, but it might be something we play with in a supplement!

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We haven't gone into this
We haven't gone into this with spacecraft yet, but there are some whole or partly biological space habitats out there. And that is all I will say for now. :)
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and even then it may be
and even then it may be alive, as its main computer may well house a AI, no?
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Just a tack-on query... CAN a
Just a tack-on query... CAN a Surya leave the corona of the Sun and travel into the Solar System? Or is this morph type specifically adapted for the corona only?
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Well, they are

Well, they are vacuum-adapted, so they can theoretically go into space anywhere. IIRC, they "feed" off the ions in the sun's plasma, though, and they use a form of magnetic propulsion that relies on the solar wind, so they wouldn't be able to live away from the sun for long without some assistance.

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Whatever you do don't go flying this thing near Junta-space..... the tariff fees will be ridiculously high. ;)