The Seeker of Thoth

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The Seeker of Thoth

ORCACommander’s Characters:
Tavarus Excavar
*Amara Secundus Excavar: Muse to Tavarus. Beta fork grown alpha fork of possibly deceased sister. Been present since age twelve. Likewise if Amara ever turns up her muse is a beta of Tavarus
Ozymandias Vigilo Rex

This is a thread split the Dating profile thread. picking up on the firewall team rocky had dispatched.

Following in Posthuman fashion I will be color coding speech. Tavarus will appear in Green, Amara in blue Ozymandias in Red. When other people take over the 3 other team members firewall has dispatched you can alter their colors as well and i will retroactively edit my posts.

Begin Adventure:

A pair of atypical Martian buggies, they bore a striking resemblance to a prefall 21st century humvee halftrack, rolled to a stop near the cusp of the Nicholson crater at opposite angles. Red Martian dust bellows around the team of 4’s cloaks as they disembark.

A tall apparently male, it being difficult to tell through the envirosuit and armored padding, walked over to the cusp and surveyed the crater below with some binoculars.

“Well it’s nice to know our maps are up to date.” Tavarus stated sarcastically.

“It would appear one the teraforming comets came down in an unplanned location... but it’s still not exactly right for that.” Tavarus’ muse Amara supplemented.

The crater was no longer resembling that which the last orbital mapping pass would indicate. Instead, the far west side had been elongated with a newer crater. And yet, that was not the only thing off. There was heavy glassing in the impact site and several concrete tunnels could be seen neatly exposed. But that was not the most unsettling thing. There were several metallic growths sprouting from these passageways. A few of these growths spread out over the new craters lips and appeared to be forming some sort of rust colored canopy.

“Looks like the comet took out a small anti-matter cache. Also rupturing the tunnels would seem to have reactivated something or removed enough blocking material to get that transmission out. Think that canopy is both camo netting and transmission array?” The team’s engineering and demolitions specialist said as he came up behind Tavarus.

Tavarus nodded gravely, “Crater walls are bit steep; looks like we’ll have to ditch the humvees.” Turning to the other 2 members of the team his voice clarion clear if a bit metallic over the high winds do to the suits speakers “Alright we still have about 20 klicks to go before we reach those tunnels. Leave the heavy equipment for now. Remember we are mostly here to investigate and possibly eliminate so I should not have to remind you not to line your pockets as much it may be tempting to do so.”

Amara chirped in his head “You are one talk my Argonaut brother”

“Ya I know, what wonders could lie this waste; it’s so tempting. Nevertheless, you know the risks. Remember Nuevo Paris?”

“I try not to.” Sullenly she quieted.

“Ah sorry I’m just tense. We’ve been running night and day for almost 400 klicks now.” Addressing the team, ”All right people let’s get down there.”

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The Seeker of Seth

Kayne; Argonaut crasher
d.Cait; Kayne's Muse

Behind Tavarus, Kayne shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

At 7 feet, he was head and shoulders over the average ruster, by dint of the skeletal, leg-extending walker frame he wore. His prehensile feet, primarily designed for zero-g, gripped the footrests securely while his proper arms carried a slender pole with a sensor package fixed to the end.
The opaque, blocky blast visor of his faraday suit adjusted to transparency; his eyes gleamed.
"How do you want to do this?" He asked. "You want me to tether a line so we can descend into the crater, or shall we do this free hand, and make our way to the closest opening? He pointed off to the right to indicate his choice.

It had been three years since he'd come back to Mars - technically, his "real" self was still out on Portal. He had come through the Mars gate as data - as an alpha fork - and his contacts had procured a suitable body and gear. Just like old times.

"The wind is dying down: 16km/h and dropping. If it drops below 8km/h, our probability of detection from overhead doubles". d.Cait chimed in.

Noted. Kayne responded. We'll try to be quick.

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Nerathul's characters

Nerathul's characters

Fixer: Hacker and Procurement specialist.
Turing: Fixer's muse.

Haze: Infiltration and Demolition Specialist. Async
Haze doesn't seem to be using a muse or if he does, it is entirely quiet.

Fixer gracefully hopped off the top of their vehicle where he'd spent the whole journey. His modified gargoyle was barely visible, it's body directly camouflaged it's pattern changing in real time to match the background in all directions, only slightly distorted by his moving around while it's armored frame absorbed radar emissions.

He walked closer to the edge, a compartment in his shoulder opening, where he took out a trio of saucers, throwing them one by one over the crater.

[Beginning tri-dimensional imaging.] Turing his muse announced to the group. [Estimated time; 15 minutes.]

"There's a spindle at the back of both humvee for that very purpose. Since I can fly, I won't be needing it. The drones will follow us as we go in, mapping in real time. Just remember this is a stealth op, the longer we remain undetected, the better our chances. In the event of hostile encounter, Haze is priority target. I have a demolition skillsoft installed, but I'd rather not rely on that."

At the back of the group, the Neo-Corvid wearing an Alpiner morph was popping a group of pills, feeding his unending addiction to nootropics. "I should be good for the next few hours." He declared. Of the whole group, he was the least armored, wearing his Nomad outfit and the camouflage cloak.

"What's your plan, bossman?" He then asked Tavarus.


@Myrmidont just in case you didn't see, the procurement post has the gear the team has brought with them.

In the sea without lees
Standeth the bird of Hermes
Eating his wings variable
And maketh himself yet full stable

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I am a bit on a time time table right now So before you two get to carried away with this I have to just make one thing clear. Ozymandias is not part of the party. "he", for a lack of a better pronoun" is the subject of our investigation

I'll be able to interact or answer any questions on tuesday

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My Bad

((Sorry, I did miss that. Will keep in mind))

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