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Seattle to North Bend, WA

Any games around I-90 corridor looking for a player. I am interested in playing a drifter venusian pilot or uplift mercurial engineer.

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Everett guy here. I can't

Everett guy here. I can't actually join in any games *right now* due to erratic schedule, but *maybe* some time in May, I may be able to.

I don't have the chops for GMing, alas, so you or someone else would have to.

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Glad to see some intereste in

Glad to see some intereste in EP. May sounds good, not in a hurry to get the right group together. Not sure if i have "the chops" either, but if need be i can GM. I am hopeful we can get 2-3 more PC/GM players. Once we have enough people to start discussing what kind of game we want to play, I was thinking our initial meeting could take place at one of the AFK Taverns. Any thoughts or comments?

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Re: initial meeting, meeting

Re: initial meeting, meeting at AFK would be cool. I guess the main limitation for me is that I only ride the bus, so whatever the schedule/meeting place, I'd have to arrange it around bus times (unless I get a ride). (Though, depending on what sort of job I end up with in the near future, a taxi may become a feasible option for me, too).

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So, how comes job stuff?

So, i have 2 other players 1 in seattle and 1 in renton. What do we think about availability and venues? It seems they are interested in fri or sat, also if we do afk one is 20 (younger brother) Hope the job hunt is going well.

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Somewhere in Seattle (either

Somewhere in Seattle (either downtown or in the U District) seems like the most convenient/central location. Something *might* be coming, job-wise for me, but I won't be sure until tomorrow (at the earliest). However, I'm pretty sure it would be a standard Monday-Friday 9-5 thing. So either Friday evening or any time on Saturday would work for me.

The buses from Seattle to Everett leave as late as midnight: so, as long as we wrap up a bit before 12AM, I should be fine.

As for specific venues, I actually am not incredibly familiar with gaming places in Seattle.

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Alternatively, if you *want*

Alternatively, if you *want* to meet in Everett/Snohomish County, I wouldn't object to that (you mention AFK). However, for a person in Renton, Everett seems like a bit of a trip.

Any idea of what sort of game this is going to be? Archetypal Firewall? Gatecrashing? Etc. Or, do we want to wait to discuss that in-person?

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on the kind of game...

I am hopeful for a group that can lead me, i. e. sandbox style. I will start you from a recent backup with 2 weeks lost, and go from there. took a scenerio and adapted it to my liking. we will have to see how everyone reacts to the start. Is there anything you are uncomfortable with? I am going to get the others to post something on here as well...

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Cool, sandbox sounds

Cool, sandbox sounds interesting. I'll try to come up a self-directed character concept :)

Are we going to be Firewall members? (Even if we are, remember that Firewall only calls you up from time to time (it's not full-time employment), so having the members all be Firewall would still work for a sandbox). Of course, there are plenty of adventure opportunities outside of Firewall.

"Is there anything you are uncomfortable with?"
No, not really. I have no PTSD, I am not particularly adverse to sex and drugs in RPG campaigns, etc.

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the opening scenerio lends

the opening scenerio lends itself to firewall making an apperance. so very possible for firewall to be a included. i always have them as a tool for pushing the game. I am also interested in gatecrashing lotteries. another handy tool to change direction.

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Groupme app for smart phone...

So the groupme app is pretty handy and willmake it easier. is my email, you can send me a direct message in the app then i will put the actual group together. so we can all converse at the same time.

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My cell phone is, in fact, a

My cell phone is, in fact, a dumb phone, but is does have SMS.

I have a PDA (basically a smart phone, but no cell connection) and a laptop, however, and it looks like the app works that way, too.

Just a moment, and I shall be on there.

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EP game near me? *perks up ears*

I live in Tukwila, am willing to drive a reasonable distance, wash regularly and can carry on a reasonably complex conversation. I don't suppose you guys would be looking for another player?

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What you should do to prep...

So everyone has lost at least 5 years, if not more, as an indenture to, Leon Krone, a scavenger in the main belt. you were all working together and were killed and rebooted from your cortical stacks, by Leon. To pay for your morphs and freedom you have worked your 5 years. Today is the last day as an indenture and the lost job for leon. that is where we begin.

attributes and skills should be done and concept should be hard set. write a list of minimal gear to make your character function with their skill sets. pick a morph that is no more than high expense. no credits needed so spend all your points on skills and attr.

so sunday the 24th is looking like a good day, how does that sound to everyone else? I can also do tomorrow but that is late notice for everyone else.

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Sunday the 24th works fine

Sunday the 24th works fine for me.
My character concept (which I've described to the GM but not the other players) is a criminal hacker: that is, he was employed by criminal syndicates as a hacker. I can post a link to my stats/history in a bit (reworking from what I have the GM earlier).

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Sunday the 24th works for me

My wife is out of town with the kid, so that's perfect. Can I email you a character? Also, what are we thinking for time and food?

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character, food

Alright, think I'm more or less done with character. Still tweaking the HTML version a bit:

re: food, if we do group meals, I can pitch in at the very least monetary-wise. At least for a few weeks. (Indefinitely if I get hired for this job that might be coming up). I don't really know how to cook (beyond simple things like pasta), so either I pay for part of a pizza (or whatever), or just bring soda.

Or, I'm also fine that each of us is just responsible for feeding ourselves.

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alright so, venue? seattle

alright so, venue? seattle cant play or host, has work until middle of next month. i would love to host but our house is full, and inlaws or a little reclusive. So one of the afk's(renton/everett) or crossroads mall, if we want public. or one of the other players host.

not worried about food and drinks, think first time everyone can manage them selves.

Any thoughts?

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GM's younger brother here.

GM's younger brother here. Will update on my characters background soon. Not quite done solidifying it yet.

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Food Wise

I don't really have any preference food wise. Willing to pitch in snack foods, soda, and even throwing down money for pizza. Will cook if desired.

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I'm down for crossroads mall.

I'm down for crossroads mall. Good selection of food joints.

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Either Crossroads or AFK

Either Crossroads or AFK Everett works for me, but AFK is much easier for me.

AFK Everett is ideal for me (but not the easiest to reach for the Tukwilla person, admittedly).

Bellevue is reachable, but not quickly, on a Sunday: there is not, in fact, direct Everett-Bellevue bus service on Sunday, so I have to route through Seattle, and go over I-90.

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AFK in Everett is fine for me. Its only a 45 min drive.

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k, afk my brother cant play,

k, afk my brother cant play, he is 20 (21 in sep). And seattle, Ed, is not available til next month. It would be gm and 2 players.

now that being said, we can totally do that. been interested in going to an afk anyway.


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AFK allows minors in the dining area (I just checked). I'm assuming we wouldn't want to sit at the bar anyway.

What time were u guys thinking? I'm open all day.

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idk, like 5 or so. they open

idk, like 5 or so. they open 11, we could do like a lunch time as well. i am free most of the day.

as soon as we have a time we will need to make a reservation.

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Like I said, I'm free all day

Like I said, I'm free all day, so whenever works for boomzilla is fine with me.

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I'm free all day Sunday, too.

I'm free all day Sunday, too.

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So, sun the 24th at 5pm is the reservation i am going to make.... see you guys there, it will be under Eclipse Phase.

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Sounds like a plan. I will be

Sounds like a plan. I will be the chubby, white, middle aged guy wearing a 49ers hat.

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excited to play...

I am hopeful i will be there first, i will have the eclipse phase book on the table. If you guys could bring a gm copy of your char sheets that would be great. I have a scenadio ready, but before we play i would like everyone to discuss what directions you would like the game to go. Thanks guys see you later...

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Char sheets printed off, d10s

Char sheets printed off, d10s mustered. See you soon!

I have no idea how long we intend to play, but the last southbound bus leaves from Everett around 10:30, so I should be out of there by 10PM. (I live in Everett, but in south Everett, so it's a bit too far to walk). Sorry to have to limit my time like that. (The other option is that I get a ride home (I live pretty close to the freeway, so it's not too difficult), in which case I can play indefinitely).

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Everett GM/player here, AFK

Everett GM/player here, AFK Tavern permits minors, they just can't obviously drink. Another venue that may work for you guys is Ray Gun Lounge in the Capital Hill district of Seattle, haven't tried running there but they have loads of tables.

I have too little time to play or run anymore games otherwise I would throw in my support for a game, Eclipse Phase is too cool.

Good luck with your games!

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