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Scum Swarm - The Foundation Universal Construction Kibbutz

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Scum Swarm - The Foundation Universal Construction Kibbutz
This is a work in progress. Suggestions and ideas are welcome. The Foundation Universal Construction Kibbutz, or FUCK, is a freeroaming scumm construction swarm populated with nearly as many argonaughts as scumm. The swarm moves from place to place in the solar system aiding and engaging in medium and large scale construction projects going where they decide the swarm can do the most good. There is often some misconceptions that the Kibbutz has something to do with pre-fall Jewish nationalism. The word was chosen partly for its meaning and mostly to complete the acronym. FUCK was founded with two factory ships and several cargo haulers, engineering and science vessels that banded together with others to send aid to the stricken refugees during the emergency. After the immediate crisis passed the Kibbutz was formed by crews that wanted to continue to help and work on their own terms, free of corperate restraints. Several were inspired by Dr. Angela Wiseman's stories about macroscale engineering and "putting knowledge to power and pleasure" (a favorite phrase of hers). The FUCK gathered like-minded member and headed rimward to the main belt, breaking away from Earth Orbit nearly a year after the Fall. The original fleet had lots of equipment and technical expertise but little living space. They headed to the belt to gather materials and begin a new phase of building. For the first seven years the collective focused on building ships and habs out in the asteroids working at a fever pitch. These habitats where then colonized by refugees or ocasionally other groups. The standard "contract" the Kibbutz used for an asteroid habitat was an arrangement where the new hab would engage in mining operations and some of the materials back to the collective. Other deals where made to build habs and several new scumm barges with groups ranging from isolationists to hypercorps and extropans for new habs and ships in excange for credit and other supplies. By year 8 PF the collective had finished construction on a third factory ship build specially for their needs to be a roaming spacedock as well as a number of other smaller ships providing greater living and work quarters. It is different from most Scumm swarms in that its ships have a more unified look nearly half having been built by the swarm itself. Ships Factory Ships: Crunch Time - Originally an orbital construction rig owned by Alpha Nova industries in Earth-Luna L3 orbit. During the fall the crew took over the facility as their corp was swallowed whole by the chaos. The facility was targeted by hostile corporate interests and the workers decided that their neighborhood was just too dangerous. Originally they just bolted on heavier thrusters and moved the facility toward the EL L5 to help aid the refugees and escape the corp warfare. Foundation - Foundation was designed as a 'colony planter' a ship that would move through the asteroids laying the groundwork for the waves of colonists to come. It was a grand project idea and she was mostly completed when the fall struck. Ironically she is one of the few scum ships that is actually used more or less for what she was designed, if not for the same purposes. The Yard Mark I - The largest ship-build FUCK has ever undertaken and current flagship, the Yard was completed a year ago and is on its first tour. Nearly four times the size of the next largest ship in the swarm the Yard, or Mark I as it is often called, is the centerpiece of the swarm's industrial might, and a masterpiece of modular design. The core of the ship is made of four elongated boxes each with a lozenge cross-section bearing eight large segmented spars on each side that can fold in either direction creating open work areas. Most of the ship is open to vacuum with nearly 80% of the crew sleeving in synthmorphs and most of the rest being at least vac adapted. Cargo Haulers: Leonard's Points - This hauler carries 22 modules about half of which are living modules with the other half devoted to workspace and research modules. The swarm's primary resleaving and egocasting facilities are carried here as well as the bulk of their medical facilities.
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Good idea, beside minor EP
Good idea, beside minor EP terms misshaps I have no objection (It took me some time to pick them up ;) What I would like is fleshing (or in case of synthmorphs: steeling of ;) the NPC. Some major movers, interesting man, women and/or demographic of workers/citizens (why they stayed in synthmorps without senses that make us human (touch, smell, sex...) and/or stayed in habitat build by their hand...) Once again, great concept and keep on making more!
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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Don't worry it's coming.
Don't worry it's coming. Like I said work in progress I'm still on the ship and history section taking notes for other parts as I go along.