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Savage Eclipse Phase

As much as I love setting, the game rules are just "too heavy" for my taste. As such, I started EP conversion to Savage Worlds light weight mechanic. And under Creative Commons auspice it can be done. ;]

The "always-in-work" document is here for you to look on
him and say few words. Any suggestion, advise or just comment is always looked and appreciate.

I think I use many rules from Triple Aces Cyberpunk rules set.

The base problem, Morph usage, for now, I decide to make them a "races", adding boosts to attributes, and one major Hindrance ( or two minor ) to counterbalance it. With that, th Flats are normaly generated humans. Also, your "inborn" Morph has much lasting effect on character. When yu change the Morph, you change the statistic and also the EXTRA Hindrances from Morph itself.

Any comments?

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Re: Savage Eclpise Phase

Why should swapping morphs have any effect on the mind of the person inhabiting them? Why would someone inhabiting a particular type of robot be more clueless than anyone else?

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Re: Savage Eclpise Phase

Because morphs can have different mental capacity peramiters. Menton & Remade for example, compared to Bouncer. Swapping morph into a "lesser" would have a bad effect on the mind.

But If its a penalty against swapping, that a person that swapped gets more clueless compared to someone who hasn't (but is in the same type), then I think its strange too. Aside from morph unfamiliarity.

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Re: Savage Eclpise Phase

King Shere wrote:

But If its a penalty against swapping, that a person that swapped gets more clueless compared to someone who hasn't (but is in the same type), then I think its strange too. Aside from morph unfamiliarity.

I give Clueless Hindreance as Synths are most "unhuman" of Morphs, as they are the robotic Consturcts. You forgot to THINK human in them, you lose yourself. But if you have other idea for good Hinderance, state them. ;]

As to "Why give two bonus and one flaw" - short answer - it's that this way Savages work. The Hindrance, state in Morphes, change and aren't cumulative. If you become Olympian and get Overconfident this Hinderance will disapre if you become Sylph. Instead of Overconfident you become Arrogant character. AND you have your Ego's normal Hinderances. Yo can start Arrogant ( as Ego ), choose Olympian, and then you are both Arrogant and Overconfident.

But to make Morph changing more risky, maybe we could make rules that if fail some test at change, you are left with Hindrance from previous Morphs? You could them erase with one advancement "paid" on this. It's just idea. ;]

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Re: Savage Eclipse Phase

I think how to solve New Economy and Reputations system and how to change Old Economy "buy equipment with this and this number of credits" to something more abstract, like SW Wealth rules. Any suggestions?

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Re: Savage Eclipse Phase

I would recommend separating edges and hindrances into physical and mental subgroups, and then granting each to morphs and backgrounds specifically. People of specific backgrounds will get certain mental edges and hindrances (representing their demeanor from how they were raised), while their morphs will get physical edges and hindrances (based on how they were designed). This way, morphs are still generally unique, but don't trample over the "mind and body are separate" theme that permeates Eclipse Phase. This also means that characters in Eclipse Phase will have more edges and hindrances perhaps than in other Savage games (since they'll basically get double the amount or so), but that somewhat fits with the fact that transhumans in Eclipse Phase are generally more special than humans today (or in any previous era).

Transhumans will one day be the Luddites of the posthuman age.

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Re: Savage Eclipse Phase

I think that Eclipse Phase is one of the few games out there that has it's flavor really engrained into the structure of the statistics.

That said, you can always savage-ify the way the mechanics work...

I've started working on it myself. I'll post my results here soon.

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Re: Savage Eclipse Phase

Hey all. I took some time over the last few weeks to convert Eclipse Phase for Savage Worlds and published it out. Did this all on an iPad with digital versions no less!

Have fun and I hope it works out for your group of Savages!

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Re: Savage Eclipse Phase


Seems solid at the first glance – I’ll commence reading immediately.

I really love EP setting, but I find it’s mechanics extremely cumbersome – and while I can internalize it (eventually…) my gaming group vetoed me every time when I proposed EP for them, because they hate the mechanics.
I’ve never played any Savage game (apart from old Deadlands – but it was kinda different than modern SW…) – so I have to ask: how does it work with EP? Have you used and tested it with your group?
It would be nice to introduce some kind of sanity system – like the one Savage Cthulhu (Realms of Cthulhu) uses, I think.

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Re: Savage Eclipse Phase

If I were writing Eclipse Phase from scratch for savage worlds, I'd use rules from the supers compendium on altered form -- in particular making two characters, one to represent the ego, and the other to represent the morph, then splitting points between them as necessary.

I'd thought about it a few times before, I'm glad that someone else did too.

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savage translation

i think that i found your savage conversion, Savage Singularity by Chris Guiney. I want to translate it to the spanish, and i'll prefer to ask to you. Althought is possible that i make changes. Do you playtest your version? Reputation and Social Networks is the part of your version that i want to think about how change it.