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The Saturn Hamilton cylinder Bright

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The Saturn Hamilton cylinder Bright
From Rimward: "Bright, as you well know, is one of the shining jewels of the Saturnian system; a nearly complete Hamilton cylinder created from part of Tethys’s Trojan moon Telesto." I can see that Telesto co-orbits at Tethy's L4 and is 32.6×23.6×20.0 km³. I also know that Hamilton cylinders are "grown" using nano machines. So how was Bright created and is it orbiting Telesto or part of Telesto? Did they split of a chunk or do they simply mean that the Bright Hamilton cylinder is being "grown" on part of the Telesto moon. Trying to understand Hamilton sphere's and how they are created and the Bright habitat in particular. PS! Also, I note the population of Bright is 7000, but the field report says 30 000, and also that it is a "nearly complete Hamilton cylinder", but that the current population is "just a fraction of the millions it should be able to house when fully grown and populated". Am I misunderstanding something?
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Hamilton cylinders are drawn
Hamilton cylinders are drawn from Peter Hamilton's _Night's Dawn_ trilogy. The basic idea is that they feed on the material of Saturn's rings to slowly grow. If they're not right in the rings, then they have a fleet of harvester drones shuttling silicates and volatiles back to grow the hab. Can't answer you on the pop figures... we might have made an editorial oversight there. If you're going to use it in your campaign, you can go with either figure, depending upon how many Brights you want there to be. Morphs take a while to grow, so the population sleeved in Bright morphs probably isn't too large yet.
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