Sample Brand Name weapons

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Sample Brand Name weapons

I was bored and stumbled across page 336 of the core book, describing the idea for variant 'brand name' weapons. So I stated up a few. I haven't tested any of them out to see if they are 'broken' or not, but it I didn't change them TOO much so I suspect they are fine. Please, tell me what you think.

P.S. I did a little in-character talk to describe the weapons because, as I say, I was bored. They give little descriptions about them and what they are like.

P.P.S. I included the two sample guns from page 336 of the main book. Also, I tried to keep each company making guns on a 'theme' or 'paradigm' if you will.

Direct action guns: (p.336, main book)
I'm not a fan of Direct Action arms myself, but they are very popular and it's not hard to see why. They are the most concerned with putting as many bullets on the field as possible. I dunno why they go along this paradaigm, but I've heard theories from "no reason not to fire burst fire" to "it's a ploy to sell more ammunition."

Direct Action Viper Machine Pistol
Simple gun, some might say gimped because it doesn't have semi-auto or full-auto features, but it is a gun aimed at the intermediary crowd. People without full military (or para-military) training but who need the additional stopping power. No frills, no fiddling with controls, just point, shoot, and hit something with three bullets.
Base Weapon: Medium Pistol
Change: The weapon only fires in Burst Fire mode, but contains 18 rnds.

Direct Action Viper Light Assault Rifle
The Viper line is all about putting as many bullets in the battlefield as possible. However, full autorifles tend to make people nervous, so they introduced their 'light' assault rifle. Doesn't have the stopping power of an Autorifle, but can still carry a large pool of ammo and mow through people. And it's allowed in more habitats.
Base Weapon: SMG
Change: The weapon only fires in Burst Fire or Full Auto Mode, but has a 35 rnd magazine.

Direct Action Viper Delux Autogun
Dear lord this thing is overkill. I've heard of a Case taking apart a fully-upgraded reaper with one of these puppies. I think DA was trying to get this incorperated as the next big machinegun, but the rediculus cost and tendancy to break down made it less-than-appealing to other hypercorps.
Base Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Change: The weapon only fires Full Auto, but has an ammo count of 50, and includes a smartlink standard, change cost to Expensive

Medusan Arms (Core Book, p. 336)
Medusan Arms has always been about stopping power, almost to the exclusion of everything else. Some argue that their arms aren't as good at penetrating armor, or some of them don't have full auto capabilities, but round for round, these puppies are the most powerful guns on the market.

Medusan Arms "Carnwennan"
Named after King Arther's Dagger, this little hold out pistol is far more powerful than it seems. It only holds five shots, and can only fire semi-auto, but it has the concealability of a hold-out pistol and way more stopping power.
Base Weapon: Light Pistol
Change: the Weapon deals the damage of a Heavy Pistol (and uses Heavy Pistol ammo), but only holds 5 shots and is SA only. Grants a +10% bonus to all palming checks to conceal this weapon on your person.

Medusan Arms "Caladbolg" Revolver
To my knowledge, the only revolver still being produced today. This thing is . . . intense. It deals a massive, no, scratch that, ungodly amount of damage for a pistol. It uses 'normal' autorifle ammo instead of heavy pistol ammo, and does the same damage (with less range, of course.) Upshot, it's a lot easier to conceal than an autorifle
Base Weapon: Heavy Pistol
Change: The weapon only fires SA, and only holds six shots, but has the same damage and armor penetration of the Automatic Rifle

Medusan Arms "Longinus" Sniper Rifle
Base Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Rare, weapon, you don't see many of these. Rumor has it that it was designed to take care of powerful alien creatures. Uses a unique bullet that is wider than a normal bullet. Does a lot of damage but doesn't have near the penetration. Not much of a market what with the prevelance of synth morphs and heavy armor out there, but . . . I dunno, some people have a use for them.
Change: The weapon uses a Unique ammo that does 2d10+12 dmg but only has an AP of -10. Because this weapon (and it's ammo) are rare, Players trying to purchase either this weapon or ammo for it sufer a -5 to all networking tests to find one.

Omnicor (I just needed another group that made weapons, this is totally my own deal, dunno if Omnicor makes weapons in the 'base' setting.)
Omnicor has been making weapons for a little while, using their 'nano-facturing' facilities. They apply their expertise in energy systems to make beam weapons . . . exclusivly.

Omnicor Field Performance HLWS
(Handheld Laser Weapon System)
Omnicor developed these weapons (dubbed the "H Laws)for gatecrashers. While 100 shots would be enough for just about anyone looking to protet themselves, when you are in an unknown enviroment and you may get cut off from your nearest power supply, these things come in handy. They feature a removable and replaceable battery. Each battery can be charged seperatly, and they are quite the lifesaver for people with limited supply lines.
Base weapon: Laser Pulser
Change: Does not have a Stunner Setting, has replacable batteries, which each have a cost of Trivial and can be recharged individually.

Omnicor High Performance HLWS
(Handheld Laser Weapon System)
Another in the Omnicor "Performance" line of Laser Pulsers, this gun was intentionally made inefficient, pumping out far more power than it needed, and none of it goes towards extra damage. The upshot? It can fire through particulates in the air just like a plasma weapon. Dunno if it's worth it, but some people swear by them.
Base Weapon: Laser Pulser
Change: does not have a Stun Setting. Each shot is considered to take 4 shots worth of power. Is uneffected by dust/smog/smoke unlike normal Laser Pulsers

Omnicor VPPS
(Versitile Plasma Projection System)
The highest-grade, most versitile, most EXPENSIVE Beam Bolter on the market, this thing is basically the creme-de-la-creme of Particle Beam Bolters. Basically reserved for high-end Hypercorp teams and the occasional eccentric billionare, it's pretty good, but it's not 20,000 credits good.
Base Weapon: Particle Beam Bolter
Change: This weapon functions both in a vacum and in an atmosphere. It has 100 shots and comes standard with a smartlink, Cost is raised to Expensive

Fa Jing(I just needed another group that made weapons, this is totally my own deal, dunno if Fa Jing makes weapons in the 'base' setting.)
Fa Jing has recently thrown it's hat into the ring with their own weapons line, most of their stuff is custom-tailored for Inner System worlds that keep a tight rain on their citizenry and the guns citizens can purchase. Crap by most standards, but they are legal in the inner system, easy to find, and hey, they are better than nothing.

Model 213p Personal Protector
Possibly the worst gun on the market, this little guy is basically a pea shooter, but it's dirt cheap and legal on all by the most stringent of inner-system habitats. Designed for little old flats and splicers who want to protect themselves from muggers.
Base Weapon: Light Pistol
Change: Only fires SA, Cost changed to Trivial

Model 199s Shotgun
A re-creation of the shotguns of old that seem to have fallen by the wayside, these guns are bulky, and exceedingly fussy about which ammo you use, but are otherwise not too bad. Probably the most useful of the Fa Jing line. If you need a gun in the inner system, you could do a lot worse.
Base Weapon: Submachine Gun
Change: Only Fires SA or BF, has unique ammunition that cannot be shared with any other gun, requires two hands, Can only be loaded with Hollow points, Zap Ammo, or Biter Ammo, Change cost to Low

Model 339r Econorifle
Modled after old-timey hunting rifles, this is another gun that isn't TOO bad from Fa Jing, the lack of autofire or even burst fire really hurts it, but it has just as much punch per bullet as any other auto-rifle . . . so, there's that.
Base Weapon: Automatic Rifle
Change: This weapon only fires Semi-automatic. It comes with a standard Laser Sight and Scope, and only costs Medium