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Safe to drink the water...

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Safe to drink the water...
It's interesting that Echo IV has a chemically compatible ecology (even to the point of edible life). Was this artistic license or is this something that will be delved into in a upcoming suppliment? I'd have expected at least inediability in alien life... or is there some new real-world research or theory that suggests this may not be the case? In addition, is there any suggestion that Echo IV's ecosystem was not native to the planet? (interesting that Echo V and it's intelligent inhabitants suffer whatever disaster overtook them and yet this other world was spared). On a related note, is there an established time for when the Iktomi perished?
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Re: Safe to drink the water...
I doubt it. Though unlikely there is chance that we could eat alien lifeforms and likewise. It might be one way, partial, and a host of other things. It could be possible that the people in EP have discovered how to adapt human digestive systems to consuming exotic nutrients. They might just have a bunch of nano-machines in there bellies that breaks down the food and recycles it into something sustaining. Humans probably don't have to worry about natural alien viruses because of the same thing. On a side note I hope they add rules for alien uplifts in the gatecrashing book.