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Running a game with Extropian mercs and wrote up this kinda fluff for their legality.

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Running a game with Extropian mercs and wrote up this kinda fluff for their legality.
Curious to folks thoughts about it. Especially the prices. The Merc Company, is incorporated under the law firm, Sally, Sally, Sally, and Sally LLP. Sally, Sally, Sally, and Sally, LLP is a small lawfirm with only a dozen egos working for it. The named partners, Sally, Sally, Sally, and Sally, are all alpha fork of Sally. When working on cases, they often opt to form a hive network between themselves. They're a fairly competent law firm in their price range. On the asteroid of Extropia, you can always be spending more money. (Why arent you spending more money?) With the contract under them, Merc Company (Name Pending), is recognized private military contractor, which acts on the behalf of its clients. It takes care of the contract work, and will defend these contracts if contested by other parties for a maximum of 1500 man hours before requiring an purchase of further litigation. They also recognize that the Merc Company (Name Pending) ship, is their private property, and will exert a moderate policing presence and patrolling to safeguard it. They also recognize privacy within the said ship, and the immediate area around the docking for said ship. They also cover moderate micro tort insurance issued to the company as a whole, or when crewmates are operating for the company. They offerno rumination for any property damage by the PMC while under contract, and if the law firm lose said case the Merc Company will have to pay for it. They do offer fair indenture time for any damages. For simplicity, all the PC have a contract for their legal personhood, also under Sally, Sally, Sally and Sally, LLP. This personhood says they have the right to be a sapient ego. They own their body. They have a right to control when their fork, how their fork and what their fork does. They have a right to back up. They can carry any (in kind and amount) guns in public. They have the right to defend themselves from bodily harm with deadly force, but not excessive force. Any property damage done while in the defense of themselves is at the fault of the aggressor. They have a moderate defense fund against Micro Torts. They have no police protection. They have no expectation of privacy, except where granted by other parties. They have access to the mesh. Merc Company Bills: 10,000 a month for the services of Sally, Sally, Sally and Sally LLP. Paid quarterly. 500 a month for a guaranteed docking location at Extropia. Paid Monthly. 500 a month for resupply. (Air, water, batteries, mesh subscription, netflix but in space so spaceflix, feed stock for the food maker box and 3d printer.) Paid monthly. 2000 for a month of fuel. (For simplicity. I'm not going to figure out the delta v, and burn times for traveling.) Paid monthly. Crewmate Bills: 1000 credits a month to maintain their legal personhood with Sally, Sally, Sally, and Sally LLP.
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Ha. Like.
Ha. Like. The legal personhood clause is my favorite part.
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Very Extropian! I'd be
Very Extropian! I'd be interested to see what a severability clause would look like -- since this is (understandably) pseudo-meta-legalese, it's a mix of assertions of public rights and contractual obligations between Sally and Merc.
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Hrm... I'm not quite sure.
Hrm... I'm not quite sure. There would be two. There be would leaving S^4 LLP, and Mercs leaving the company. It would need to cover, either way. So 4 different clauses.
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I think you might be
I think you might be misunderstanding. "Severability" in contract law means that if one part of the contract is invalidated, it doesn't invalidate the other parts. So, for example, do all the personhood clauses fall under one part, or are they broken out into their own sections? If they're broken out into their own sections, does that multiply their possible exposure to microtorts? That sort of thing. Anyway, don't mind me; your post just inspired the pedant in me ;)
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Why Spaceflix? It's not "Earthflix" right now. It should be "Meshflix" or something. For real tho, love it. Great take on the "Name name name" thing a lot of legal firms do.
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