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RPG geek initial review

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RPG geek initial review
There's a "First impressions" review of EP on RPG geek. http://rpg.geekdo.com/thread/439766

"I learned the hard way that if you take a stand on any issue, no matter how insignificant, people will line up around the block to kick your ass over it." -Jesse "the mind" Ventura.

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So, I see he has issues with
So, I see he has issues with the most common Catalyst issue: the typos and grammatical "oopses" we all take fro granted...(after all...we were fooled by last years April Fools joke of Dragons in Runners Companion partially because of the typoes and gramatical "oopses"...)
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I don't blame him. I find

I don't blame him. I find the really obvious typos to be the thing about EP I like least.
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One day RPG publishers will
One day RPG publishers will realize the benefit of running their material through a third-party copy editor, one who is otherwise not associated with the publisher itself. It is NEVER a good idea to have a project's writer also serving as its editor.