Room for one more via Skype Fridays 3 Eastern

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Room for one more via Skype Fridays 3 Eastern
We've got room for one or two more players for our Friday 3 Eastern Skype games due to scheduling conflicts and one of our players sadly getting a steady job. On Fridays we play Eclipse Phase alternating with a few other games, mostly trying to stay in the horror/gritty area but sometimes tending toward grimdark or silly. I'm planning a Delta Green campaign one of these days, we do some Cthulhu/Cthulhu Dark, and we have an ongoing Black Crusade game that I'm not quite sure how long the GM intends to keep going with. We are recording the sessions for a podcast, There are just a couple of experimental first eps up now with a massive backlog (over a year) that I'm working on turning into an edited backlog so I can put them out regularly despite busy schedule issues. We also could squeeze in another player on Sundays playing D&D 4e... not really the forum for that, but just throwing it out there while I'm at it in case someone's interested.
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I, along with another contact are both interested, and have no conflicts with weekly Friday games at 3Est. I can provide character concepts & a further introduction via any form of voip such as Skype, Google, Etc... Hope to hear back, and even if declined, please at least let me know X) ~X
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