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Roaming Bands on Mars

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Roaming Bands on Mars
Hello All, Im looking at various groups that would be roaming the Martian outback and I was wanting information (canon or otherwise) on the groups that would be there. a) Sufi Nomads - any more info that what is in Sunward? Lacking details about caravan types, morphs, elder details, backgrounds, etc a Story would be beneficial too) b) Grey Morph Nomads - The Morph Recognition Guide has "info" about a group of greys living on Mars ("Cause that where they were expected to live, based on old earth history/conspiracies"). Anyone have any more info? (I assume that they would have cold tolerance and enhanced respiration to be able to deal with the cold... but any other stories, details, etc? Anyone have any other grousp, apart form the stereotypical Barsoomian hicks running the terraforming plants (ive got an over abundance of Jim-Bobs and Mary-Sue's on Mars..) Thanks in advance.
Regards, Jason Brisbane
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the grays i have always felt
the grays i have always felt that that they were living the steretype in a humorous but mostly in joke fashion. almost like a renascence fair
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Yep. Thats why I love them!
Yep. Thats why I love them! :D
Regards, Jason Brisbane
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Be warned.....
Just be really careful around those Greys that call their home base Cydonia....they are the angry, vengeful, murderous bastards that will drop you with a blaster launcher. (And don't call them Sectoid-wannabes to their face, personal insult territory right there).
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I'm pretty sure the Greys in
I'm pretty sure the Greys in MRG are just thrown out as a random plot hook, like lots of other elements in the guide (Hyperelites collecting Flats, anyone?), and thus is not a fleshed out element, and unlikely to be fleshed out. It is up to the gamemaster to use based on the information. I would assume they are a small clade focused on jokey sci-fi tropes, similar to some of the Scum Swarms which play out like giant LARPs. Otherwise they may live standard redneck lives. As for the Sufis, I believe the extent of the canonical information lies in the opening of Sunward, discussing where they came from and their general attitude. Might be a snippet in Transhuman discussing "Sufi Nomad" as a background. Caravan types is kind of covered in the gear section though, since it introduces the Martian Rover, a vehicle typically used by Martian Nomads. Combine with some other mars adapted vehicles, and you're set. Vehicles aren't really specified down to make and model in EP, so you'll have to deal with generalizations. For Morphs, more Sufis are probably in their original Flats or Splicers, possibly adapted for Martian conditions, with maybe some Alpiners or Rusters, but unlikely due to Hypercorp interference. I don't really understand the request for "elder details, backgrounds, etc", but if you want to know more about the Sufis, you might want to look into actual Sufism, which is the philosophy the nomads are based on.
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Not much to add to what UO
Not much to add to what UO had to say as regards the Sufis. Where the game information stops, start wiking and otherwise looking up actual culture and see if any inspiration hits. The first issue of [i]the Eye[/i] fanzine has a homebrew description with adventure ideas of a travelling caravan on Mercury. While it isn't Mars and it isn't Sufi, it might provide some inspirational ideas.