Rimward Exovirus: Vittrad Strain async rules?

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Rimward Exovirus: Vittrad Strain async rules?

One of my players is planning on playing an async Titanian doctor, but would like to mix in a touch of the Vittrad Strain of the exovirus mentioned in Rimward along with the old fashioned Watts-Mcleod strain. I like the character and want to support the idea, but don't want to write a whole new rules set, so I'm kicking around just adding 2 more Slights, one Chi and one Gamma to reflect the secondary infection. He'd buy these as normal, with costs and limits being the same. I just want to do a quick power level check, to make sure I'm not out of line with what's currently in game and get some general feedback.

New Psi Chi Slight

Sense Entropy
Psi Type: Passive
Action: Automatic
Range: Self
Duration: Constant
This slight allows the async to draw in to sharp focus the biological or structural flaws of living or inanimate objects. Apply a +20 modifier to any tests where identifying flaws plays a major role. This can include perception checks to identify damage, many medicine or hardware tests, or demolitions tests to place explosives to increased effect, along with any other tests where perceiving entropic effects is important.

New Psi Gamma Slight

Target Weakness
Psi Type: Active
Action: Quick
Range: Close
Duration: Instant
Strain Mod: 2 per AP point
Skill: Sense
This slight may be used to identify a point of structural weakness as a target for attack. This allows the async to increase the Armor Penetration of any attack. Every point of Armor Penetration applied to an attack inflicts 2 points of strain. The maximum AP that may be applied equals the async’s Sense skill divided by 10 (round down).