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Rez and memory editing

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Rez and memory editing
Heya! I'm just about to start a new campaign, and while writing the final notes for it, I came to a difficult decision. The situation is as follow: The characters are trapped in a virtual recreation of their own habitat, where they unknowingly act as protagonist of a sickly perverted snuff movie (Cenobites vs. Cthulhu). They will live the same events over and over again, and each time the movie ends (with their horrible, gruesome deaths), they will be harvested, get their memories edited, and be tossed back into the loop. Yay for deja-vus! I am worried, however, about how Rez would work in such a situation. Since they're not being backed-up, but rather edited, I want them to be able to improve, at least just that little bit that might give them the edge they need. So here are the decisions I took: - Any skill or aptitude increase will stay with them on each iteration - Any rep or credit gain will be lost (since they are in a controlled virtual environment, they are not really using their real rep, but rather talking to a bunch of AIs) - Psi sleights will stay with them, though the new iteration will not be aware of how or when he obtained them, allowing for memory gaps As a few extra notes: They are having two sets of characters to avoid the campaign being too repetitive. Group B will actually know about the snuff movies and will be on the outside trying to dismantle the operation. I've played with these people before, and I do expect them to keep meta-RPing to a minimum, despite the chances for it, and I have their permission to mess up with their heads as I will. :) So basically, what I'm looking for are some ideas and suggestions to make sure that they feel rewarded, without running into any big inconsistencies. What do you people think?
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My immediate thoughts are
My immediate thoughts are that characters should not be spending rez to raise their rep or credits while inside this simulation. If they did do so, they would fall behind other characters when their memories are reset, as the characters who did not spend rez on rep or credits would outpace those that did in terms of personal development. Since rep and credits might be a problem, maybe the characters should make sure that they have some wealth before hand. Another thought, maybe the characters have some means of getting more wealth. If you want to play up on this deja-vu effect, maybe the characters should remember events that makes the acquisition of rep and wealth easy. For instance, one of them could start remembering that this guy always loses a bet around so and so a time and will always ask the character before asking a person who normally wins. Another example, the characters may remember solutions to problems (and they're paid for problems solved) so they get more work done quicker and get paid sooner. ---- Alternatively, the characters could be refunded for such spending, but such refunded rez points should only be spent on things related to how they raised their rep or credits. For instance, if the character put in extra hours to at the robot repair center, then the character might initially gain credits, but then gain ranks in Hardware: Robotics after the reset. Still... I think that is a weird way of handling things since that would imply that people should get both credits and skill ranks instead of just the one... ---- Overall, I think in this situation, that the credits and rep stuff should be role-played instead of depending on rez.