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Reverse Blue Booking

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Reverse Blue Booking
Keeping a set of notes is handy for any game. NPC's you've met places you've been etc. But I'm thinking for EP you'd also want to keep a set of notes that include the things you no longer should know. Due to time lost after a "wipe". To help your PC's stay in character. Especially as a campaign progress's this could become a great reference for keeping them in character and driving them crazy.
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The GM Section of the Core

The GM Section of the Core Book actually touches this, and suggests that keeping an ingame diary of sorts, with information such as who you have met, what has happened and whatnot.

Also you might want to take a copy of the players character sheet every time they back themselves up so you have a good log when the latest copy gets themselves killed and they need to go back to an older one. Access to a scanner would be handy in this case (As well as access to alot of Character Sheets)