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Resources Trait for Inners only?

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uwtartarus uwtartarus's picture
Resources Trait for Inners only?
Besides Extropians, would the Resources trait be appropriate for anarchist types who've got a lot of resources at their disposal? Like the alpha fork of an AGI who runs an automated hydroponics station that feeds a ton of people, although at this point that sounds more like Patron rather than Resources (the Patron being the Prime Alpha that is a station that feeds people, and supports their wayward Gatecrashing alpha). Alas, I'm not about to undo a character concept midway through a campaign. So mostly chewing on the idea of a resource rich anarchist.
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Resources = Credits
Credits aren’t much worth in an anarchist habitat. Reputation, social skills, contacts and allies are what makes you resourceful there. Resources are as useful as @-rep in a hypercorp boardroom.
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Characters do not have to be
Characters do not have to be locked into any single location or even faction. There is little stopping a transhuman living with Anarchists or Titanians (and going off of @-rep) from having resources/investments in the inner system too (with or without c-rep). Those inner system resources won't do much good while back home on an Anarchist/Titanian hab, but when traveling to Mars, they become very useful.
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Inner system fork, maybe?
As ICU2 says, you could have the resources in the inner system. To represent what you want, the inner system rich fork could then send resources to the hab the Anarchist lives at. Bit of an odd way to do it, and it'd be up to your GM to allow that. It would also mean you'd have to take into account travel time, or handwave you ordered a lot of things and the ones you get to use just happened to be in the bigger shipment for the habitat.
uwtartarus uwtartarus's picture
That makes sense. Being able
That makes sense. Being able to do that too allows for the material flexibility and power of the resource trait without as much fussing about with the whole "Anarchists don't have private property or bank accounts in their economy." Plus the player has since taken Patron so it works even better. Thanks for the feedback/insight!
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