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Reputation: how does that work in Eclipse Phase?

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Reputation: how does that work in Eclipse Phase?
Is it like a currency, or a score you have to roll under? And what does it get you? Does it substitute for money in this time?
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May i add to these? I suppose
May i add to these? I suppose there will be different reputation networks ... an anarchist network would be unlikely to correspond with say, a fascist rep - network gaining rep for something totally different. Will there be a global/interstellar "reputation" or "money" currency to which the others add on?
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It's not like currency -- we
It's not like currency -- we wanted to avoid that. It's a bit more complicated than a simple test, and frankly i don't want to go into too much detail as we're still playtesting it and it may change. I will say that it's set up so that the use of your Rep (i.e., what you're asking for) is measured against your Rep score, and if you abuse the system by asking for too much or asking too often, then you lose Rep.

There are also different Rep networks for different groups. Something that might get you anarchist Rep might also cost you Hypercorp Rep, for example.

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Is the idea sort of an
Is the idea sort of an evolved Contacts system, or an attempt to model a meta-Facebook? I've always been sort of intrigued with the idea that a posthuman social network would have many more shades of "intimacy" then is often represented in game terms (which usually simplifies to rolling a number of dice based on your Rating with this group to see if they like you/can buy a gun/will tell you about the smugglers/etc).