Reputation Balancing round table

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Reputation Balancing round table

So i have been thinking and that reputation is incredibly potent resource that unless a player is burning it, never depletes easily. So I was thinking about ways to address a little attrition to this.

As we all know human being are very greedy creatures. Thus you should have a need to maintain your reputation. After all you are asking for a favor down the line its sure you have done some good things in the past but what have you done for me recently Thus maybe players should once in a while have to complete some minor tasks to keep their reputation from degrading. I don't think it should be anything to drastic but maybe 2 or 3 points every month and half and maybe at around the 8 month mark it gets larger until a resting place of 10 or 20.

Any other thoughts or ideas on the issue? any regards to this one?

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"OMG, my c-rep has dropped, I

"OMG, my c-rep has dropped, I'd better deliver these cookies to a mafia boss' mother"
I don't see how it would work. Sure, someone with high rep will be asked for favors and lose points if they refuse, but such things do better as plot hooks or side quests closely related to whatever the characters are doing - i.e. when they try to aquire something truly valuable (be it items or information), they not only have to use the rules as normal, but also need to perform a task of of equal size, wchich gives us
1) the much neded challenge
2) many troublesome consequences and conflicts
Moderate favors performed on a regular basis provide us with none of that and will likely devolve into a tedious task that commits the greatest sin of roleplaying - isn't fun.

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It seems to me that a cleaner

It seems to me that a cleaner method would be to have rep decay whenever it is used. This would reduce bookkeeping, and would make more sense in universe IMO. Maybe level one favors don't cause any loss on their own, and the others have maybe .5 of the burning/rushed favor rep costs as a base cost for use (.5 rep for level 2, 2.5 for level 3, 5 for level 4, and 10 for level 5). I'd also let people erase the costs, or potentially even come out ahead with reciprocal favors.

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I like the idea of "spending

I like the idea of "spending rep". That said, some people can coast on their rep for years in real life. Though even those people may do less obvious favours such as putting people in touch, a good word, etc.

Regardless, rep shouldn't be a one-way street. Players should expect that their characters will be asked to help out. This can easily be in "downtime" if players don't want to get into the minute details (e.g. "you spend a week helping with project x"). Except when dramatically appropriate of course. ;)

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Quote:Moderate favors

Moderate favors performed on a regular basis provide us with none of that and will likely devolve into a tedious task that commits the greatest sin of roleplaying - isn't fun.

Ya something i would prefer to avoid. but when it comes to actually reciprocating favors its difficult to not make it a paperwork check when favors are very 1v1 with the gm rather involving the whole group

trapped in wikipedia i think has some merit going for his idea. cost balancing may be a bit of stumbling block though

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Late to the show again.

An idle thought - would capping the amount of reputuation points a given character can have make sense? Say you could have at most 250 spread throughout the various accounts, so beyond that point increasing one score would automatically drain another?

Otherwise, I'd be tempted to just up the cost to buy a point of reputation to 2 points per rez/cp.

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well the rep systems is

well the rep systems is supposed to work that way outside the prefab modules anyways. if you do something to please the anarchists it should piss off the c reps and rarely would the two align