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Repository for NPCs and Locations

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Repository for NPCs and Locations
Hi all. I've really enjoyed some of the in-depth locations and attention to detail that some other threads have been producint regarding locations and even whole adventures. This is something slightly different. I'm hoping we can start a thread here that will serve as a sort of compilation of quick-reference NPCs and non-essential locations GMs can fall back on when they need some quick-yet-interesting interactions. Not so in-depth that they have stat-blocks, but enough info that there's no cookie-cutter feeling. Like if a player wants a new mod, rather than saying "You go to the local mod parlor." You could check the crib-sheet! If this gets popular, I'll try and update the OP with suggestions. I'd like to keep it simple and as non-station/region specific as possible like: Type: Location|NPC|Simulspace|Ship|etc Name: Name Purpose: body mod shop|greenhouse|bar|XP den|etc Description: Four or five sentences. Enough to get the gist and let the GM elaborate on it themselves Flavor: [collapse collapsed="true" title="Locations"] Name: Mary's Mods N' More Purpose: Morph Modification Boutique Description: Mod shop for biomorph implants, alterations, and rentals. Mary, the proprietor, has a new exotic morph every few months. Has a surgical unit, healing vat, ego bridge, and a small server rack with a simulspace for clients to relax in while waiting for their morph or who are renting out their morph to others. Flavor: "Oh yeah, I know a place. Go down to Mary's Mod's. She's a real meat artist.", "If you're looking for something wild, check out Mary's Mod's down Scalpel Way. She's got some try-before-you-buy morphs down there that will make your head spin." Name: The Hound's Tooth Purpose: Club where business meetings can be conducted Description: A cocktails-and-cigars styled club with several "quiet" rooms with their own secure sub-meshes and anti-surveillance nano-suites. Used by businessmen, legitimate or otherwise, for discreet meetings. Flavor: "Are the spimes, specs, and angels getting to be too much? Need a place where you know you aren't being watched? Come to The Hound's Tooth. By walking through our door, you are guaranteed 100% privacy. No bugs. No wires. No feeds. No worries.", "Sir, I'll have to ask you to check your weapons and bots at the door." [/collapse]
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Re: Repository for NPCs and Locations
Just a thought, but this might be something that's best done over on the Darkcast Wiki, or at least ported over there. A forum message, even if it's popular for a while, is eventually going to drop off the main page and get buried. And, because I want to contribute, too: Type: NPC Name: Derek Wifflebat Purpose: Petty criminal, possible informant for PCs (or, if they like him, a lure for an adventure, as they have to save him from his latest get-rich-quick scheme gone bad) Description: Derek is a small-time hood who makes his living via con-games, theft, and selling drugs and narcoalgorhythms. Just competent enough to keep himself on the streets, Derek is always looking for the next big score. While this is usually gambling (even on a good week, Derek is usually in the hole thanks to his gambling habit; on a bad week he's trying not to get killed by the local cartels), he's been known to get himself in far over his head, which is how he ended up sleeved in a case. Derek absolutely detests the moniker Wifflebat, but it seems to have permanently stuck; there are numerous stories as to the name's origin, each less flattering than the last. Flavor: "Psst. Over here. Got somethin' special for ya. Just what you...aww, shit. You know I was only foolin', right officer?"