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Replacing Knowledge Skills with Specializations

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Replacing Knowledge Skills with Specializations
This idea was spawned by Aurell1an's recent “Double Specialisations” thread. The concept consists of two parts: 1. No skill can be advanced beyond 60. The Expert trait should be replaced with the following: Expert Cost: 10 CP The character is a legend in the use of one particular skill. The character may raise one learned skill over 60, to a maximum of 70, for 1 CP per point. This trait does not actually increase the skill, it just raises the maximum. This trait may be taken multiple times, applying to a different learned skill each time. 2.Neither Knowledge Skills nor Specialisations as written exist. Instead, all characters get 10 Specialisation points at character creation, which can be assigned to up to 6 specialisations. You cannot assign more than 3 points to a specific specialisation. Whenever you would make a skill roll pertaining to one of your specialisations, you may add +10 to your effective skill for every point you have in the specialisation. If more than one specialisation would apply, use the largest bonus. Valid specialisations are essentially anything which could be a knowledge skill: Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Pistols, Spacecraft, Erotic Dancing, Economics and so on. Any time a roll would be made against a knowledge skill, decide which attribute applies best to the context, and roll that attribute x2, plus the specialisation bonus. So, any thoughts, comments or criticisms? Current issues are the amount of points and specialisations each character gets, whether it should be possible to buy more (and if so at what price), and how many CP characters using this system should receive at generation.
In the past we've had to compensate for weaknesses, finding quick solutions that only benefit a few. But what if we never need to feel weak or morally conflicted again?
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Sorry, but my only thought is.. Tremendously bad.. It leaves so many areas that players need open for failure and you would need to develop a whole lot of skills. PLayers are on an exoplanet and want to know if firing the laser into the ground will cause it to blow up or fragment.. I got them to roll Academics Geology. What active skill would be used for that? PLayers want to know if the ruined hab they are in can be hooked up with the ship so the ship can power the floating hab. Profession and Academics skills were required (Electronic, enginering, Hab design, etc) but these skills dont exist in your system. What skills would hab design be a specialisation of? You MUST create skills that players and NPC have to use these advanced futuristic systems but I dont see how that is possible. Remember that knowledge skills are: Academics Profession Interest Languages Sorry you asked... I cant see that being usable at all.
Regards, Jason Brisbane
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I think all of your examples
I think all of your examples are covered by Hardware skills, Jason. Players not having the 'right' skills is just a fact of life no matter the system. Do your job as GM and work around the fact.
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I would direct you to the
I would direct you to the part of the OP that covers what you are complaining about.
ThatWhichNeverWas wrote:
Any time a roll would be made against a knowledge skill, decide which attribute applies best to the context, and roll that attribute x2, plus the specialisation bonus.
In other words, firing off a laser with a sufficient TWR for the recoil to be noticeable would require a post-miracle-tech laser weighing less than a disposable plastic spoon and powerful enough to shoot down Death Stars? -- ShadowDragon8685