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Rep and Banks

Here's a question. I have a group that will be shortly going from Lucus to Mars. They have been reliing on the Rep. economy for a while now. The books state that the Lunar banks specialize inexchanging credit for reputation. But how does that work? I see that one can barrow credits for an eqivalent favor. I was planning on letting them borrow money if they have the equivalent rep to the favor. ie. you must have a rep score higher then 60 to borrow 5000 credits. Maybe if the have a decnt c-rep, I might let then go over. No Networking roll since you are going stright to the bank to ask for money.

It's the payback I am worried about. Of course they could burn the rep to pay it back if they so choose. But that has...consequences. Does the bank keep tack of favors owed? Keep in mind that an autonomist would expect to be able to just get a high favor once in a while with a good rep score. For example.

An anarchist faracast's in. Trades in a partnership to borrow 20,000 credits. Spends 10 on a morph. Goes about their business and then selld back the morph to pay for the egocast home. Assuming that they spent about 5000 credits on food, transportation and other expensive, they have about 5000 left. They have no need for this back home, so they go to give it back to the bank. Now the bank will take the money of course, but this does not pay back the loan of course. To the bank, they are still owed 15,000 credits. To the autonomist, they used an expensive favor, but just gave a high favor. He's owed some rep.

So what does the bank do? The impression I have is that the lunar banks go out of their way to make these transactions easy. But they are not just giving money away. Also, a major favor is not half of a partnership. For 15,000, they are still owed an expansive favor, but were payed back a high favor. I imagine a bank might just have quantified this. Question is, how. Of course the autonomist could come up with some other ways of paying it back. Maybe long term favors. But what plans would the bank have already in place? Any thought?

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I don't think its a Loan. The

I don't think its a Loan. The bank is taking your Rep, and using it to leverage goods/services/whatever that your network "owes" you. Your Rep is being used, (by the bank), and you won't have access to favors of that level during the time it takes favors in that network to refresh. The bank is just assigning a monetary value to Rep and so it can be traded between banks and networks. If you could track your rep in the way that you can, (kind of), track a dollar you would see that someone eventually gets something tangible for it.

Rep/dollars/Creditscore none of them actually have have any more value than what another person is willing to assign them. They're basically all the same thing.

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