Rimward: The Outer System

[i]Rimward[/i] explores the outer half of the solar system, from the Main Belt to the Kuiper Belt. Habitats and plot seeds are provided for each of the locations, and the Jovian Republic, Titanian Commonwealth, ultimates, and Autonomous Alliance factions are covered in detail. The book also contains a selection of new morphs and gear. Nominated for a 2013 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement and a 2013 ENnies Award for Best Production Values. Take a peek at the [url=http://eclipsephase.com/downloads/previews/EP_Rimward_Preview1TOC.pdf]Table of Contents.[/url] Authors: Rob Boyle, Brian Cross, Nathaniel Dean, Jack Graham, Leah Huete, Marc Huete, James Knevitt, Steven Mohan, John Snead, Monica Valentinelli
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July 2012
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$44.99 Print / $14.99 PDF