Eclipse Phase Quick-Start Rules

The Quick-Start Rules provide everything new players need to dive right into a game of Eclipse Phase. It includes a primer to the game’s transhuman setting, where future technologies allow people to digitally back up their minds and download into new bodies. A stripped-down version of the core rules cover the basic mechanics. These Quick-Start Rules also come with a starting adventure, Mission: Mind the WMD, that puts the characters on a mission for the secretive Firewall organization to protect transhumanity from a potential deadly threat. Four starting characters are provided, with backgrounds and roleplaying tips, so players can jump right into the action. The Quick-Start Rules are available as a free PDF/ebook download and in physical form as a low-cost print-on-demand release.
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Print-on-Demand (Softcover, Full Color), PDF
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40 PDF / 39 POD (+ cover)
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