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Relatively new GM Running a game for 2 players

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Relatively new GM Running a game for 2 players
First up, I've been a very long-term player with a variety of games over the years, but have very rarely been a GM (I ran some Torg back in the day, a little SLA Industries, some 4e Champions, and 2e AD&D many years ago); it's generally not something I'm passionate about doing. But then I found Eclipse Phase, which is totally my jam as I am super into transhumanism. I game mostly with a pair of guys that sometimes switch off with GMing, so they almost never get to be players together. So I think it is high time that I subject them to the horrors of Eclipse Phase 2e! I was planning on using Berk (who is my spirit animal, I mean, with a tag line like, "You want to leap over things and shout fuck and shoot stuff", it's like the writers are in my head) and Pivo as NPCs, as the book suggests the best size group is 4 - 6 players. What's some good advice for running it with 2 players? Or any advice for a neophyte GM? The guys are familiar enough with transhumanism & horror, so introducing the themes isn't a big deal. I looked for it at GenCon to try and sit in on a game as a player, but I didn't find it. With the plague still in full swing, we will most likely be using Discord.
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No one visits the forums
No one visits the forums anymore. You should probably ask these questions on discord. There is a link near the top of this page.
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DW is right! We are planning
DW is right! We are planning to deactivate these forums by the end of the year and put them into archive mode. Check out the discord here instead: https://discord.gg/bPkxUxh
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