Recruitment re-opened: Wednesday evening online game

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Recruitment re-opened: Wednesday evening online game

Rather than risk a recruitment notice never getting seen by new players, I'm starting a new thread.

The original information for the game can be found at:

The logs of the first several game sessions can be found at:

The game runs Wednesday nights at 7pm US Central time. One of our players had to drop. I'm looking for 1-2 new players to come in and join the group.

The game is set in and around Noctis-Qianjiao, Mars. Players are not currently members of Firewall, though may be approached by them in the future, depending on how story events unfold.

Current characters are:

Amena: Ex-corrupt cop turned PI
Brother Crow: Rogue fork computer specialist
Clint: Neo-hominid (gorilla) mechanic
Moss: Mercenary

Amena and Moss have combat pretty well covered, so I'm not looking for heavily combat oriented characters. Some skillsets that could be very useful would be in the sciences, medicine, or socialite areas, although those are suggestions, not limitations.

Strong ties to Mars are highly encouraged. Rather than going with the 'knows Victor' hook, I'd also encourage you to consider being a trusted associate of one of the existing players.

EDIT AND UPDATE: Disregard this post. Scheduling conflicts and RL have struck, so no more game.