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Recruiting For Firewall IC

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Recruiting For Firewall IC
Have any of y'all run a game wherein you recruited your PCs into Firewall during the game, rather than either starting them as members or just not having them be in Firewall at all? How did that look? How did it go?
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I have put a campaign
I have put a campaign together for a firewall team that don't start as a team. the plan is what ever they make will have to start the game on Mars at the base of the elevator, and they are recruited as assets because Firewall needs bodies that just happen to know that area of the city. Then after a few fairly simple missions they are pulled in for evaluation for full recruitment or reset. I'm going to be totally honest they might get whipped a few times before recruitment.
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I haven't done in with
I haven't done in with Firewall in EP, but I did it with the Inquisition recruiting new acolytes in Dark Heresy. Different setting, but similar enough.