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Really Introductory Adventure

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Really Introductory Adventure
I came up with a rough skeleton of an introductory adventure which tames two most overwhelming Eclipse Phase elements: Setting and Character Creation. I would like to know if you are interested in using an adventure focused on introducing these elements in controlled and digestible manner. The solution is to stagger the character creation using Transhuman character generation with packages and tying it to character history. This avoids overwhelming them with options and gives you few sessions to get them into their characters skins. 1 session for the Fall scenario, 1-2 sessions for Indenture Adventure. 1. Let them choose Aptitude template, background packages and career package. 2. Play the Fall scenario where they escape Earth. 3. Reinstantiate them as indentures. The corp gives them some training and orientation - they can choose the rest of the packages except for the Faction packages. 4. Play the intermediate scenario where PCs are indentures. They are freed from the indenture by faction conflict and choosing a side. 5. Skip ahead some time 6. Let them finish their characters with Faction Packages, customisation packages, tweaking their character in any way they see fit. Now for the first time they choose gear and morphs. 7. Bring them back together as fully realised characters. Important information feed: First Session
  • Nanofabrication You print yourself a cup of coffee or a toy car for a nephew
  • Muses Your muse says that you have meeting with your best buds in 1 hour
  • AIs are everywhere Auto taxi and security pods - UN cyborgs
  • The Fall was terrible and traumatising. They can then better understand the Fall and why it affected Transhumanity so strongly. The TITAN headhunters. UN cyborgs killing everything.
  • Your ego is you. They escape Earth through egocast. Add body horror to that by using a Delhi slicer .
Indenture Adventure:
  • Virtual reality and mesh They start as in Infomorphs doing basic indenture stuff.
  • Hypercorps do what they want Increase their sentence faster than they can reduce it by working
  • Reesleving Corp sometimes resleeves them into Pods and Synths for some tasks. You are now a buldozer, Johnny
  • Faction wars a Hacktivist offers them freedom in exchange for some help.
  • Forking and Back-ups (Despite their escape they are still working at the Hypercorp. They just copied them from backup. Alternatively some of them die in accidents on their duties.)
Bringing the gang back together: Start the campaign. Best if you sow the seeds during the primer sessions but it wouldn't be necessary. This adventure allows for a deadly Fall, but doesn't punish character death very strongly because they are barely realised yet. If one or more of PCs die have the other Players introduced to cortical stacks in the most traumatic manner - by ripping them out of their friends necks. This way only one of them has to survive till the end of the scenario. If your Players feel railroaded for example they refuse to egocast (soul and stuff), they simply die and start the next session with a character that was willing to egocast. It explains why the Transhumanity is so accepting of ego separation from body. If they want to change their characters - here comes Psychosurgery and Virtual Reality accelerated training. You can explain most of the basic assumptions with PCs being affected by them rather than exposition infodumps. So anybody interested in having it more sketched out? Or maybe somebody did it already and I missed it?
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