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Real-world Researchers Hacked a Computer through DNA

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Real-world Researchers Hacked a Computer through DNA
https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/08/these-scientists-too... Researchers took a malware program, converted the code into a DNA sequence, physically build the DNA, and then had a computer sequence the DNA. The sequencing computer was then infected by the rebuilt malware and the researchers had control of the computer. Good lord
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Wow. That's pretty cool they were able to make that work.
A slight smell of ions....
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Funnily enough, I actually
Funnily enough, I actually tried to do this several weeks back in our 2e playtest game using a 3D printed hand with exploit code in the DNA. Rob was a bit skeptical, but then this morning he shared this story with me. I love it when reality scoops us before we can even write stuff into the game. :)
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Uh-oh, sounds like an
Uh-oh, sounds like an exsurgent virus in the making!
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That's interesting, though
That's interesting, though all you'd have to do to counter this would be to check if the DNA contains computer code and prevent it from being processed if it is. Similar to how you can prevent someone from hacking through the use of fillable webforms in an attack called Remote Code Execution.