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Real Life Reputation Networking Examples

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Real Life Reputation Networking Examples
Reputation networks are much more important in commerse in Eclipse Phase than they are in real life, but we already use reputation networks all the time in our everyday lives. How about we get a list of real life examples of rep networking going? I'll start with two quick ones: Xeni Jardin from BoingBoing recently was on Rachel Maddow to discuss net neutrality. A few hours before the show she asked for quick summaries of why it was important on Twitter and received a stream of sound bytes from her huge list of followers on Twitter. Consumer X and consumer Y both wish to purchase new cars. Consumer X has always paid his bills on time, and kept low credit card balances, and consequently has a very good credit rating. He is able to very easily obtain favorable loan terms to finance his new car. Consumer Y on the other hand has a very bad habit of forgetting to pay his bills on time, and has never been particularly good at handling credit card debt. Consumer Y has to make a very large down payment on his new car and is only able to get a very high interest loan.
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Re: Real Life Reputation Networking Examples
its really everywhere. people choose what businesses to patronize based on their Yelp reviews, and before that there was Citysearch. people choose what online vendors to use based on their seller rating through things like shop.google.com or whatever, and people choose what individual products or manufacturers to select by the ratings and consumer reviews on the shopping sites they select and what word of mouth they hear from other or read on blogs. its not just what people decide to buy, but even stock prices are influenced by what random assholes BLOG about. i've seen people blatently trying to reinforce their own investments by writing op-ed pieces about google, using their ticker symbol in the title of the blog post. and everyone hears about major companies like Microsoft and Oracle buying off bloggers with gifts of equipment. it was the same way with trade magizines, back when people still read them. reputation economies arent a thing of the future, theyre Right Now. we just dont have a formalized medium of exchange -- and i'd assert that there either shouldnt or that there just cant be a universal system of exchange (ie money) in such a marketplace. In many ways, its the ultimate expression of anarcho-freemarket-capitalism. the perfect example of the Prisoners' Game. you cant maximize your own reputation gains without propping up others. they cant maximize theirs without propping up you. if you choose to "betray" you danm well better have your ducks in a row, and support from the other players in the game. you're only as good as your word and as your reputation for cooperating to maximize the benefit of the group.