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Re-working "Lurking in Every Flower" to fit my campaign

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Re-working "Lurking in Every Flower" to fit my campaign
I really like Arenamontanus' excellent adventure "Lurking in Every Flower" and am planning on using it to start our next campaign, but I'm planning on changing some things around to make it fit more with what I have in mind. Here's the link to his thread if anyone wants to check it out...the rest of this post will make much more sense if you've read his adventure. http://www.eclipsephase.com/lurking-every-flower The first thing I want to change in the version of the adventure I run is to have it start in an office building on pre-fall earth. Basically, the generic looking office building will replace the shuttle. The core concept is the pretty much same, but I think it'll really throw them for a loop. The building, like the shuttle, will kind of be like a "memory palace" of the person who took the petal. Spooky long hallways with lots of rooms filled with memories...very bizarre and surreal. There will be windows where the characters can see that they are basically in a city of similar office buildings. Some of my players have played EP before, but several have not so I also kind of want this to be a good introduction. I'm thinking about having the fall basically transpire over the course of this "dream" sequence. Sounds like it might be a good way to set the tone for the campaign and would make for a good mind f*ck. Of course the other main purpose would be to introduce the "Dark Ron" personna as this kind of malignant presence lurking just out of their "field of vision". The goal for the "trip" would simply be for them to first figure out that they are in a "dream" and that only one of them is actually "real" and the rest are all fictionals. Once they figure this out, the person wakes up and the adventure starts to unfold more like written by Arenamontanus. I'm also thinking about setting the adventure on Venus as opposed to Mars. Anyways, Arenamontanus' adventure got me thinking and I wanted to bounce some of my ideas off of other people to get their input. :)
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Re: Re-working "Lurking in Every Flower" to fit my campaign
Cool! I like this a lot!