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Rapid Resleeving and Sanity

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Rapid Resleeving and Sanity
So some of the elite are said to resleeve frequently, sometimes multiple times in a single day, for various purposes (e.g., orgies... yeah...) and, while Morph Familiarity avoids the SOM test for Integration, it does not remove the Resleeving Stress Test. If this is not driving these people toward insanity, are we to assume that these elite possess remarkably strong WIL and/or the Adaptability trait, or is there some other factor in play to keep them sane? Are there treatments (pharmaceutical, psychosurgical, or even some form of conditioning) that exists to aid in the psychological impact of rapidly jumping bodies? Are these applied prophylactically, or is it always "screw your sanity then fix it" treatments after the fact?
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Circumstances and conditioning probably matter
The Phoenix trait, at least in 1e, implies that resleeving is something to which people can acclimate if they do it frequently enough. Plus, I think the circumstances of resleeving probably matter a lot; being dropped into new and radically different morphs unexpectedly as a Sentinel and being expected to work soon after is probably way different than resleeving into mostly humanoid morphs with continuity for recreational purposes.
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It is possible to pass the
It is possible to pass the stress part of the test without suffering any stress. SV 1d6 means, 1d6 stress on failure, none on success. SV 1d10/half is, 1d10 stress on failure, half that on success. Because there is no / in the 1d6, there is no stress on success. Also, the rules kinda imply that there is no stress if you do a slow resleeving. It just doesn't do a good job pointing it out as an option. It does mention that even synthmorphs opt for the slow method to reduce continuity stress.
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I forgot that becoming
I forgot that becoming hardened to stress is an option. Resleeving is a type of alienation stress, so in theory, if you were hardened to alienation stress, then you would be immune to resleeving stress. Hardening does have drawbacks so this is not a perfect fix.
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Is there still a trait from
Is there still a trait from Hardening? I think the assumption is that part of their transhuman empathy or such dies and they just don't stress it. But they probably start to objectify bodies and then that's a quick way to dehumanize others and such.
Exhuman, and Humanitarian.
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Hardening is a positive ego
Hardening is a positive ego trait. It can be found on p. 74 in the 2E core rulebook. It costs 1 cp for each time you take it. There are 4 major types of stress listed on p. 229. You can't be hardened against the unknown, but the other 3 are fair game.
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Another option could be the
Another option could be the use of forks, and then integrating the experiences at the end of the day. It has its own set of problems, but for stretchs of about 3-4 hours it was basically safe, so we could be seeing Beta forks specially trimmed for reintegration that allow for a merging of experiencies with minimal stress... or even it's just Beta Forks and XP implants that allow a cuasi-perfect integration of experiences, since the fork is essentially the guy getting the stream later on. Personally, I think the mechanical limitations on forking and resleeving are there more for gaming balance than for setting (while still having a measurable piece of both), and for NPCs that do not interact mechanically with PCs using mass forkings & resleevings its just a matter of background rather than rules. And if the players ask, well, tell them those guys spend more money in a day than they earn in a year so they can sustain such bacchian lifestyle XD