Random Job Generator: Ideas?

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Random Job Generator: Ideas?

I'm tinkering with a "job board" generator to spit out simple missions when my players say they want to search for work. The idea isn't to generate complex plots, just the basic offers that you might see if you were to do some networking and hit the Habitat's equivalent of Craigslist. In theory, I'd come up with all of these on the fly, but it's easy to get into a rut or tip my hand if I've planned out some more complex plot twists that are waiting to be discovered in a given location.

Potential examples include:

"A local gang member has double-crossed his boss and wants help. He offers MODERATE pay to intimidate or eliminate the witness."

"A barsoomian cargo ship's onboard AI is experiencing strange issues, and they can't complete their transport job until it's resolved. They'll negotiate pay for expert help."

"An anonymous post hints that a local celebrity has a dark past. They leave a math puzzle instead of contact information."

I have a fair amount of experience writing random plot generators, but I'm trying to brainstorm the actual clients, jobs, and complications that would make sense. I'm thinking of breaking things down into categories like "Aggression", "Defense", "Investigation," and "Skill", with clients distinguished by vocation-type factions, but I'm curious if anyone else has done anything like this.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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Random ideas

A local programmer needs help understanding code they wrote while under the influence of Drive.

A PC ambassador recently visited an Anarchist habitat. The local militia are offering a standing bounty for captured or destroyed sabotage bots.

Bio-hackers are needed to design an anti-fungal to save the ecosystem of a local park. Pay on delivery.

A local artist is hiring uplifts to take part in his performance piece. Credits are offered as reputation may suffer.

A wannabe Ultimate is looking for Remade blueprints. Payment is offered as an equivalent value of combat drugs.

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I like the barter jobs and

I like the barter jobs and the credits-for-loss-of-rep gigs, too. They definitely add a nice mix. I put up a very very early pass at it (it really only shuffles between a tiny handful of options), and am looking to rewrite it over the weekend with better support for conditional rules that prevent weird combinations. (Ultimates trying to buy orbital hash on Craigslist, etc).