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Random job generator

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Random job generator
Freshly launched on twitter dot com, the Eldrich Host random EP job generator. If you need a few quick gigs to appear on your playgroup's local mesh, or just want a quick seed for a session, the [url=https://twitter.com/EldrichHost]Eldrich Host twitter account[/url] now spits out one a day. If you're interested in cranking out more, you can look at the underlying source code for the bot and cycle through its output options at [url=https://cheapbotsdonequick.com/source/EldrichHost]CheapBotsDoneQuick[/url]. A few examples:
  • A local psychosurgeon offers work for a team that can repair busted equipment. No pay is mentioned, but their f-rep is… impressive.
  • You've been hired to tear down a ruined SLOTV. Curiously, a nearby habitat has just gone dark.
  • A blacklisted Anarchist seeks parties willing to retrieve a 32cm mercury sphere with suspicious provenance.
  • You've been hired to burn a server. However, the client is your own alpha fork.
  • A Prosperity Group executive needs a trustworthy partner to monitor a Night Cartel VIP. They promise prompt payment, but don't mention how much.
  • A desiccated human corpse from the TQZ is being sold by a Pax Familae fence.
  • An Ecologene VP contacts you via the Guanxi network, asking if you're willing to find and destroy a handful of storage chips containing the identities of several Pre-Fall criminals. They need a response within the hour.
It still has some hiccups (certain key phrases seem to pop up more than I'd like) but it's very much a work in progress. Anyone who's interested in offering possible example artifacts, job types, and flavorful modifiers is welcome to chime in.
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In what format do you accept
In what format do you accept contributions? So far I only copied the text and edited it with few details.
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.... omdfg, eaton, you have
.... omdfg, eaton, you have no idea how close you came to me popping your account as spam. Thankfully I read the example jobs in time to register that they're IC. You're one lucky forumite. Also they're pretty damn convincing job postings. Good work there.
I fix broken things. If you need something fixed, mention it [url=/forums/suggestions/website-and-forum-suggestions]on the suggestions board[/url]. [color=red]I also sometimes speak as website administrator and/ moderator.[/color]
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Bahahahah. That's *fantastic*.
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Not sure what is the
Not sure what is the distinction between McGuffin Artifact and McGuffin Cargo, so threw some duplicates in there. No Twitter account so I'm posting the code.
Spoiler: Highlight to view
{ "origin" : ["#HOOK# \\#eclipsephase \\#rpghooks"], "HOOK" : [ "#PERSON_INDIVIDUAL.capitalize# #JOB_CONJUNCTION# #JOB#.", "#PERSON_INDIVIDUAL.capitalize# #JOB_CONJUNCTION# examine #ARTIFACT.a# #ARTIFACT_DETAIL#.", "#PERSON_INDIVIDUAL.capitalize# #JOB_CONJUNCTION# retrieve #MCGUFFIN#.", "#PERSON_INDIVIDUAL.capitalize# #JOB_CONJUNCTION# #JOB#. #JOB_CLIENT_COMPLICATION.capitalize#.", "You've been hired to #JOB#. #COMPLICATION_CONJUNCTION.capitalize#, #JOB_COMPLICATION#.", "#MCGUFFIN_ARTIFACT.a.capitalize# appears in #GROUP_RISKY.a# facility.", "#MCGUFFIN_ARTIFACT.a.capitalize# is being sold by a #GROUP_GANG# fence." ], "JOB_CONJUNCTION" : [ "is looking for someone to", "messages you with an offer: ", "contacts you via #MISC_NETWORK#, asking if you're willing to", "seeks parties willing to", "offers work for a team that can", "is making discreet inquiries, seeking someone to", "needs a trustworthy partner to" ], "COMPLICATION_CONJUNCTION" : [ "curiously", "however", "unfortunately", "ironically", "coincidentally" ], "JOB_COMPLICATION" : [ "the client is your own alpha fork", "your server has just been compromised", "a nearby habitat has just gone dark", "several local #VOCATION_GENERIC#s have disappeared under suspicious circumstances", "a Scum swarm's arrival has thrown local networks into chaos", "there is an exurgent Cult in the area", "it is clearly a set-up", "Exhumans are involved", "utmost secrecy is to be maintained", "time limit is unknown", "current whereabouts of the target are unknown", "there is an exurgent Cult in the area" ], "JOB_CLIENT_COMPLICATION" : [ "they need a response within the hour", "no pay is mentioned, but their #MISC_REP# is… impressive", "they promise prompt payment, but don't mention how much", "they promise wealth beyond your wildest dreams", "you suspect it might be a trap", "they clearly use fake ID", "they have a history of unfulfilled promises", "they are connected to local criminal group" ], "ACTIVITY" : ["#ACTIVITY_RISKY#"], "ACTIVITY_RISKY" : [ "distributing XP recordings of TQZ incursions", "trying to hack local fabber with unknown code", "using hacking exploits of suspicious quality", "hosting Breakout: Full Contact simulspace games with x60 acceleration" ], "PERSON_INDIVIDUAL" : [ "a burner mesh ID", "an anonymous local", "#VOCATION_GENERIC.a#", "#GROUP_MOVEMENT.a# #VOCATION_GENERIC#", "a blacklisted #GROUP_MOVEMENT#", "#GROUP_GANG.a# #VOCATION_CRIMINAL#", "#GROUP_GOVERNMENT.a# #VOCATION_GOVERNMENT#", "#GROUP_HYPERCORP.a# #VOCATION_HYPERCORP#", "a local #VOCATION_GENERIC#" ], "NONANON _PERSON_INDIVIDUAL" : [ "#VOCATION_GENERIC.a#", "#GROUP_MOVEMENT.a# #VOCATION_GENERIC#", "a blacklisted #GROUP_MOVEMENT#", "#GROUP_GANG.a# #VOCATION_CRIMINAL#", "#GROUP_GOVERNMENT.a# #VOCATION_GOVERNMENT#", "#GROUP_HYPERCORP.a# #VOCATION_HYPERCORP#", "a local #VOCATION_GENERIC#" ], "VOCATION" : ["#VOCATION_CRIMINAL#", "#VOCATION_GOVERNMENT#", "#VOCATION_HYPERCORP#", "#VOCATION_LEGIT#"], "VOCATION_CRIMINAL" : ["hitter", "smuggler", "fixer", "fence"], "VOCATION_GOVERNMENT" : ["representative", "negotiator", "bureaucrat", "investigator", "intelligence officer"], "VOCATION_HYPERCORP" : ["executive", "auditor", "researcher", "VP"], "VOCATION_GENERIC" : ["pilot", "psychosurgeon", "middleware developer", "engineer", "VIP", "journalist"], "GROUP" : [ "#GROUP_GOVERNMENT#", "#GROUP_MOVEMENT#", "#GROUP_GANG#", "#GROUP_HYPERCORP#" ], "GROUP_GOVERNMENT" : [ "Autonomist", "Extropian", "Jovian", "Lunar-Lagrange Alliance", "Morningstar", "Planetary Consortium", "Tharsis League", "Titanian" ], "GROUP_MOVEMENT" : [ "Anarchist", "Argonaut", "Barsoomian", "bioconservative", "Brinker", "Exhuman", "Mercurial", "nano-ecologist", "Neo-Buddhist", "preservationist", "Reclaimer", "socialite", "technocreationist", "Ultimate", "Xenodeist" ], "GROUP_GANG" : [ "14K", "Big Circle", "ID Crew", "Night Cartel", "Nine Lives", "Pax Familae", "pirate", "Shui Fong", "Sun Yee On" ], "GROUP_HYPERCORP" : [ "Cognite", "Comet Express", "Direct Action", "Ecologene", "Exotech", "Experia", "Fa Jing", "Gatekeeper", "Go-Nin Group", "Gorgon", "Nimbus", "Omnicor", "Pathfinder", "Prosperity Group", "Skineasthesia", "Skinthetic", "Solaris", "Somatex", "Starware", "Stellar Intelligence", "Terragenesis" ], "GROUP_RISKY" : [ "Ozma", "Nine Lives", "Cognite", "Firewall" ], "GROUP_FACTION_WEIGHTED": [ "Anarchist", "Anarchist", "Anarchist", "Anarchist", "Argonaut", "Argonaut", "Argonaut", "Argonaut", "Barsoomian", "Barsoomian", "Barsoomian", "Barsoomian", "Barsoomian", "Belter", "Belter", "Bioconservative", "Bioconservative", "Brinker", "Brinker", "Brinker", "Brinker", "Criminal", "Criminal", "Criminal", "Criminal", "Criminal", "Criminal", "Exhuman", "Exhuman", "Extropian", "Extropian", "Extropian", "Factor", "Firewall", "Firewall", "Hypercorp", "Hypercorp", "Hypercorp", "Hypercorp", "Hypercorp", "Hypercorp", "Hypercorp", "Hypercorp", "Hypercorp", "Hypercorp", "Jovian", "Jovian", "Jovian", "Jovian", "Lunar", "Lunar", "Lunar", "Lunar", "Lunar", "Lunar", "Mercurial", "Mercurial", "Mercurial", "Nano-Ecologist", "Orbital", "Orbital", "Out'ster", "Precautionist", "Preservationist", "Reclaimer", "Ringer", "Ringer", "Ringer", "Sapient", "Sapient", "Sapient", "Scum", "Scum", "Scum", "Scum", "Sifter", "Skimmer", "Socialite", "Socialite", "Socialite", "Socialite", "Solarian", "Solarian", "Solarian", "Solarian", "Solarian", "Titanian", "Titanian", "Titanian", "Titanian", "Ultimate", "Venusian" ], "MCGUFFIN" : [ "#MCGUFFIN_ARTIFACT.a#", "#MCGUFFIN_CARGO.a#", "#MCGUFFIN_DATA#" ], "MCGUFFIN_ARTIFACT" : ["#ARTIFACT# #ARTIFACT_DETAIL#", "#ARTIFACT#"], "ARTIFACT" : [ "thin wafer of mineral lattice", "32cm mercury sphere", "box of cortical stacks", "batch of Halcyons", "intact Ny'Knikiin pod", "sample of Fuckslime gelatin", "desiccated human corpse", "shielded specimen container", "fractaline Iktomi relic", "iron crystal", "TITAN breeding crab", "Cornucopia Machine with more capabilities than said model should have", "heavily damaged Battlesuit with gory remains inside crionically suspended at 5K", "shipment of PSI enhancing substances", "a nanotoxin that can disable Farcaster and Kill Switch implants within morphs", "Defiler larvae", "heavily customized Case synthmorph", "intact, inactive TITAN headhunter drone" ], "ARTIFACT_DETAIL" : [ "that appears opaque to T-rays", "with suspicious provenance", "emitting regular radio pulses", "whose owner committed suicide", "from the TQZ", "that has to be magnetically suspended in vacuum at all times", "that has shipping register saying it was travelling around the whole system since before the fall" ], "MCGUFFIN_CARGO" : [ "cache of pre-fall egos", "live biological sample", "several hundred kilograms of exotic feedstock", "lost cortical stack", "shipment of PSI enhancing substances", "cargo container with Black Volga from 1968. It is unclear if it is real or fake. In both cases it is perfectly functional", "Graybox with slightly singed surface and connectors", "Bluebox in seemingly mint condition", "Defiler larvae", "heavily customized Case synthmorph", "intact, inactive TITAN headhunter drone" ], "MCGUFFIN_SALVAGE" : [ "derelict habitat near #LOCATION_BODY#", "abandoned SLOTV", "transport LOTV ambushed by pirates" ], "MCGUFFIN_STORAGE" : [ "EMP-hardened ecto", "handful of storage chips", "remote archive", "backup", "hidden in morph's junk DNA" ], "MCGUFFIN_DATA" : [ "XP footage of an assassination", "petabytes of #GROUP_HYPERCORP# research data", "the identities of several Pre-Fall criminals", "incriminating access logs", "the beta fork of #GROUP_HYPERCORP.a# executive", "Exosolar planet exploration details", "exosolar planet exploration details", "exosolar planet gate coordinates", "first-in exosolar expedition report, from an nonexistient expedition", "Breakout: Full Contact files and source code with pretty disturbing documentation, hinting at many conspiracy theories actually being true", "Breakout: Full Contact files and source code with pretty disturbing documentation", "what apparently is heavily jumled schematics of a device, only 121,7 PB of data (60-80 egos equivalent)" ], "LOCATION_BODY" : [ "Saturn", "Atlas", "Dione", "Enceladus", "Hyperion", "Iapetus", "Pandora", "Rhea", "Tethys", "Titan", "Uranus", "Neptune", "Titania", "Oberon", "Sol", "Mercury", "Venus", "Earth", "Luna", "Mars", "Ceres", "Jupiter", "Europa", "Ganymede", "Callisto", "Io", "Eris", "Pluto", "Pheobe" ], "LOCATION_HABITAT" : [ "New Quebec", "Hyoden", "Liberty", "Locus", "Lot 49", "Meathab", "Mimas", "Pan", "Phelan’s Recourse", "Prometheus", "Chat Noir", "Xiphos", "Erato", "Nectar", "Akosha", "Elysium", "Noctis-Qianjiao", "Olympus", "Progress", "Qing Long", "Valles-New Shanghai", "Extropia", "Nova York", "Amalthea", "Habitat On The Rock", "Haumea", "Markov", "Frozen Dreams", "Whiskey Station", "Tulihänd", "Aarhus", "Nyhavn", "Shackleton-New Veranasi" ], "LOCATION_REGION" : [ "Ma’adim Vallis", "Olympus Mons", "the TQZ", "Valles Marineris", "the Asteroid Belt", "the Kuiper Belt", "the Oort Cloud", "the Jovian Trojans", "the Twelve Commons" ], "JOB" : ["#JOB_SALVAGE#", "#JOB_TRANSPORT#", "#JOB_AGGRO#", "#JOB_MYSTERY#", "#JOB_SKILL#"], "JOB_SALVAGE" : [ "strip #MCGUFFIN_SALVAGE.a#", "recover #MCGUFFIN_CARGO.a#", "retrieve #MCGUFFIN_CARGO.a#", "locate #MCGUFFIN_STORAGE.a# containing #MCGUFFIN_DATA#", "find and destroy #MCGUFFIN_STORAGE.a# containing #MCGUFFIN_DATA#" ], "JOB_TRANSPORT" : [ "guard a shipment", "protect a VIP", "smuggle illegal goods", "accompany a traveler", "sneakernet #MCGUFFIN_DATA#", "keep a package in escrow", "shuttle a team to #LOCATION_HABITAT#", "install a farcaster at #LOCATION_HABITAT#", "exfiltrate an ops team from #LOCATION_REGION#" ], "JOB_MYSTERY" : [ "locate a missing loved one", "dig up dirt on a #GROUP# leader", "reverse engineer software", "determine what an artifact does", "monitor a #GROUP# VIP", "reconstruct erased memories", "uncover a morph's history", "research a rival", "track down a security leak", "search an accident scene for clues" ], "JOB_AGGRO" : [ "wipe evidence of a breakin", "assassinate a public figure", "burn a server", "kill an infected pedestrian", "destroy a ship", "nuke a rogue beta fork", "destroy a competitor's merch", "destroy a microhabitat", "covertly monitor #NONANON _PERSON_INDIVIDUAL# and make sure their activities are not hindered", "install surveillance in #LOCATION_HABITAT#" ], "JOB_SKILL" : [ "design custom software", "crack security", "fill out a gatecrashing team", "tear down a wreck", "plan a heist", "organize an AR performance", "repair busted equipment", "create a panopticon black spot", "create a hidden compartment in a vehicle", "create perfect simulspace recreation of #LOCATION_HABITAT#", "break DRM on a illegally obtained program", "break GRM on a suspiciously nonstandard morph" ], "MISC_NETWORK" : [ "the @-list", "CivicNet", "EcoWave", "the Fame network", "the Guanxi network", "the Eye", "RNA", "XNET" ], "MISC_REP" : [ "@-rep", "c-rep", "e-rep", "f-rep", "g-rep", "i-rep", "r-rep", "x-rep" ] }
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In the current version of the
In the current version of the job generator "Artifacts" are rare, potentially dangerous things that are likely to be found in the TQZ, on a gatecrashing mission, or in other weird circumstances. "Cargo" is just vanilla stuff that might be on a cargo ship, a train, or that a player might be hired to transport, protect, steal, etc. The big reason to separate them out is so that certain specific hooks that only make sense for dangerous artifacts can be written with more flavorful text. ([i]"#PERSON_INDIVIDUAL.capitalize# #JOB_CONJUNCTION# retrieve #MCGUFFIN#."[/i] versus "[i]#MCGUFFIN_ARTIFACT.a.capitalize# is being sold by a #GROUP_GANG# fence.[/i]" for example.) In the additions you made, stuff like the intact Headhunter and the Defiler larvae would be "artifacts" while the heavily modified Case morph would probably be Cargo. The Artifacts tend to be a little shorter and less verbose, because they're often paired with the "ARTIFACT_DETAIL" list to make them weirder. You can, for example, get "a desiccated corpse [i]that emits regular radio pulses[/i]" as well as "a desiccated corpse [i]found in the TQZ[/i]" and so on. I'll tweak 'em a bit and add them to the live version! If you're interested in kicking the tires on Tracery, the generative text syntax that the bot uses, you can check out Tracery Tutorials: http://www.crystalcodepalace.com/traceryTut.html It's been used to do some crazy stuff, even spitting out dynamically generated ASCII art and images.