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Random encounter/loot/job tables

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Random encounter/loot/job tables
So, for the Cairo/Whiskey Station I've been discussing elsewhere, I've been putting together a number of "random tables" to smoothly and confidently fill in gaps when the players go outside what I expected in a given campaign. I'm curious if anyone else has been doing anything like this; I thought I'd post my in-progress tables and see if anyone is interested in using them, or has thoughts on improving them.
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The Bottle of Pain
For our first few sessions, the group often got stuck in endless debate cycles about how to deal with relatively simple situations. I instituted a new rule: a sealed prescription bottle named "The Bottle of Pain" would be placed on the table at the start of each session. If they used more than 5 minutes deliberating at any point, the cap would come off. Each time they passed 5 minutes of deliberation after that point, the d10 inside would be rolled and the event it indicated would occur. They got really good at deciding things quickly. [table] [r][c]Roll [/c][c]Event [/c][c]Notes [/c][/r] [r][c]0[/c][c]X-Threat![/c][c]An exsurgent infection, TITAN incursion, or similar horrifying risk emerges unexpectedly.[/c][/r] [r][c]1[/c][c]Natural disaster[/c][c]A sudden storm, hull breach, micrometeorite strike, or similar unlucky event.[/c][/r] [r][c]2[/c][c]Gear failure[/c][c]A critical piece of gear malfunctions.[/c][/r] [r][c]3[/c][c]Hacked[/c][c]One or more members of the party are hacked. -20 infosec check to see if they realize it.[/c][/r] [r][c]4[/c][c]Ambushed[/c][c]The party is surrounded by enemies or predators. -20 perception check to see if they realize it before they’re attacked.[/c][/r] [r][c]5[/c][c]Hunted[/c][c]The party is being pursued by enemies or predators. -30 perception check to see if they spot the pursuers.[/c][/r] [r][c]6[/c][c]Detected[/c][c]The party is spotted by enemies or predators, either via physical means or remotely via the mesh.[/c][/r] [r][c]7[/c][c]Dumb mistake[/c][c]A member of the party makes a dumb mistake of some kind. -30 to the next check.[/c][/r] [r][c]8[/c][c]Debt called in[/c][c]"An old contact calls in a favor, if circumstances allow."[/c][/r] [r][c]9[/c][c]All clear![/c][c]"You lucky, lucky bastards."[/c][/r] [/table]
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Jobs and favors
This one is a basic percentage roll whenever they are asked to perform a favor or look around for jobs. I'm writing up some additional notes, and filling in the pay levels appropriate for each gig. The table goes from 1-50; results from 51-100 are the same as the items on this list, but are doomed to go badly once they're in the thick of it. [table] [r][c]Roll[/c][c]Category[/c][c]Job[/c][c]Pay[/c][/r] [r][c]0[/c][c]Salvage/Retrieval[/c][c]Supplies from an old microhabitat[/c][c]Expensive[/c][/r] [r][c]1[/c][c]Salvage/Retrieval[/c][c]A derelict SLOTV[/c][c]High[/c][/r] [r][c]2[/c][c]Salvage/Retrieval[/c][c]Jettisoned cargo[/c][c]Moderate[/c][/r] [r][c]3[/c][c]Salvage/Retrieval[/c][c]A transport attacked by pirates[/c][c]Expensive[/c][/r] [r][c]4[/c][c]Salvage/Retrieval[/c][c]A cache of pre-Fall egos[/c][c]Moderate[/c][/r] [r][c]5[/c][c]Salvage/Retrieval[/c][c]Lost artifacts from gatecrashers[/c][c]High[/c][/r] [r][c]6[/c][c]Salvage/Retrieval[/c][c]A lost cortical stack[/c][c]Moderate[/c][/r] [r][c]7[/c][c]Salvage/Retrieval[/c][c]Cargo that “fell off the van”[/c][c]Low[/c][/r] [r][c]8[/c][c]Salvage/Retrieval[/c][c]Live biological samples[/c][c]Moderate[/c][/r] [r][c]9[/c][c]Salvage/Retrieval[/c][c]A package from a dead drop[/c][c]Low[/c][/r] [r][c]10[/c][c]Transport[/c][c]Guard a shipment[/c][/r] [r][c]11[/c][c]Transport[/c][c]Protect a VIP[/c][/r] [r][c]12[/c][c]Transport[/c][c]Smuggle illegal goods[/c][/r] [r][c]13[/c][c]Transport[/c][c]Accompany a traveler[/c][/r] [r][c]14[/c][c]Transport[/c][c]Sneakernet dangerous data[/c][/r] [r][c]15[/c][c]Transport[/c][c]Keep package in escrow[/c][/r] [r][c]16[/c][c]Transport[/c][c]Shuttle a team to a microhab[/c][/r] [r][c]17[/c][c]Transport[/c][c]Install farcaster at destination[/c][/r] [r][c]19[/c][c]Transport[/c][c]Exfiltrate an ops team[/c][/r] [r][c]18[/c][c]Transport[/c][/r] [r][c]20[/c][c]Investigation[/c][c]Find a missing loved one[/c][/r] [r][c]21[/c][c]Investigation[/c][c]Dig up dirt on a respected figure[/c][/r] [r][c]22[/c][c]Investigation[/c][c]Reverse engineering software[/c][/r] [r][c]23[/c][c]Investigation[/c][c]Determine what an artifact does[/c][/r] [r][c]24[/c][c]Investigation[/c][c]Surveillance of a public figure[/c][/r] [r][c]25[/c][c]Investigation[/c][c]Reconstruct erased memories[/c][/r] [r][c]26[/c][c]Investigation[/c][c]Uncover a morph’s history[/c][/r] [r][c]27[/c][c]Investigation[/c][c]Research a corporate rival[/c][/r] [r][c]28[/c][c]Investigation[/c][c]Locate a security leak[/c][/r] [r][c]29[/c][c]Investigation[/c][c]Search accident scene for clues[/c][/r] [r][c]30[/c][c]Erasure[/c][c]Wipe evidence of a breakin[/c][/r] [r][c]31[/c][c]Erasure[/c][c]Assassinate a public figure[/c][/r] [r][c]32[/c][c]Erasure[/c][c]Burn a server[/c][/r] [r][c]33[/c][c]Erasure[/c][c]Kill an infected pedestrian[/c][/r] [r][c]34[/c][c]Erasure[/c][c]Destroy a ship[/c][/r] [r][c]35[/c][c]Erasure[/c][c]Nuke a rogue beta fork[/c][/r] [r][c]36[/c][c]Erasure[/c][c]Destroy a competitor’s merch[/c][/r] [r][c]37[/c][c]Erasure[/c][c]Destroy a microhabitat[/c][/r] [r][c]38[/c][c]Erasure[/c][/r] [r][c]39[/c][c]Erasure[/c][/r] [r][c]40[/c][c]Skills[/c][c]Design custom software[/c][/r] [r][c]41[/c][c]Skills[/c][c]Crack security[/c][/r] [r][c]42[/c][c]Skills[/c][c]Gatecrashing[/c][/r] [r][c]43[/c][c]Skills[/c][c]Tear down a wreck[/c][/r] [r][c]44[/c][c]Skills[/c][c]Plan a heist[/c][/r] [r][c]45[/c][c]Skills[/c][c]Organize an AR performance[/c][/r] [r][c]46[/c][c]Skills[/c][c]Repair busted equipment[/c][/r] [r][c]47[/c][c]Skills[/c][/r] [r][c]48[/c][c]Skills[/c][/r] [r][c]49[/c][c]Skills[/c][/r] [/table]
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These are very cool. Giving
These are very cool. Giving me some ideas.
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The list has inspired me for
The list has inspired me for the start of my next campaign. A newly formed Firewall cell having to complete a series of seemingly unconnected tasks with urgency. Basically tieing up loose ends behind a more veteran teams operation.
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