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Random Adventures

There is one idea/product that I loved about D&D and Shadowrun, and that is short adventure ideas. The DMG for D&D had 100 1-3 sentence random adventure ideas. Shadowrun had several 1-2 paragraph adventure ideas that it included with its GM screen (and further broke them down to what type of runs they were). I'm not sure if the folks at Eclipse Phase has thought of producing something similar, but I for one enjoyed it for D&D and Shadowrun.

If not, perhaps we here could put something together.

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Re: Random Adventures

I've actually been trying to make a list of such things for myself--really, with the default playstyle of the characters being Firewall agents, it seems like you can get a lot of mileage out of short adventure seeds along the lines of 'X is threatening the future of transhumanity/Firewall on habitat Y because of Z; go stop it'--it's the details that really mix things up, when you get down to it. The Glory scenario, for example, isn't hugely complicated when you get down to the basic premise. Anyway, my list is at 25-ish right now, I believe. I was thinking about putting it up once it hit 50 anyway, so maybe I'll polish it a bit and throw it up when I get home.

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Re: Random Adventures

I still haven't been able to play yet, but I do like coming up with ideas. If anything clicks in my mind/brainstorm, I'll post them.

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Re: Random Adventures

Here's most of my list. Some of them are downright boring or slightly against canon, I think, but I'm in a bit of a brainstorming session at the moment--writing down this stuff helps me, whether it's stupid or not. So, disregard anything that sucks. The options for exsurgents are also fairly basic/low-key, but that's since I plan a big arc based around fighting an exurgent enemy, so I don't want to stress them too much outside of it. Like I've said elsewhere, I like the idea that humanity can dig its own holes. When possible, I've also tried to keep them as close to faction-agnostic as possible. If there are a few groups that could fit in a role, I've left it open.

These are a bit closer to scenarios than traditional plot hooks, I guess. I've always hated normal plot hook lists. Half the time, they're things like "A messenger from a far-off land requests the PCs to meet with his king!" Wow, yeah, thanks. That gives me no idea what they're actually needed for or what they'll do when they get there. So, I guess these are miniature scenario ideas. Figure out how to get your PCs involved yourself.

  • A cache of infomorphs who were forcibly uploaded during the fall has been found on an abandoned TITAN space station. It's now in the hands of a hypercorp, who's doing who knows what (and possibly risking an Exsurgent outbreak) by experimenting on it.
  • A heavily-mutated Exsurgent is keeping a low profile, but their misdeeds are documented in the 'sweets' at the end of a rare new brand of Petal.
  • Somebody is attempting to take over one of the Lunar mass driver stations and plans to use it to bombard colonies or space stations in the area (or threaten to do so for ransom).
  • A high-ranking Firewall proxy has been kidnapped by Project Ozma agents who plan to extract information from them through psychosurgery.
  • A hacker who managed to get access to a high-bandwidth inter-colony line has spawned thousands of alpha forks of themselves in the mesh and is wreaking havoc in multiple colonies.
  • An async's abilities have made them a famous artist, and it also makes them a good recruiting prospect for Firewall. Unfortunately, another faction thinks the same and is willing to dispose of any agents who interfere with their recruitment attempts.
  • An Exsurgent-infected transhuman is attempting to breach the containment of one of the (relatively unguarded) antimatter production plants on Mercury. If they could get it into a safe container, they'd have a bomb that would be very easy to transport.
  • An Exsurgent-infected transhuman is attempting to disrupt a space station's orbit, making it land on a large land-based colony.
  • A group is attempting to bootstrap AGIs up to seed AIs, with or without their permission.
  • A Lunar observatory has spotted what appears to be a large settlement of human survivors on Earth. A rescue attempt is deemed necessary despite the odds.
  • A Promethean has decided to leave Firewall for reasons unknown. For the moment, it's relatively harmless, since it is on an isolated network, but a large enough distraction could give sufficient time for a pawn to hook it up to a habitat's main mesh.
  • A group of pirates intercepted a ship carrying important Firewall materiel.
  • Alpha forks of the PCs were created without their consent or knowledge the last time they egocasted into a questionable hab.
  • A computer virus has become sapient and is now roaming the mesh—with none of the usual restrictions placed on Ais.
  • The drones patrolling the Zone have been infected with the Xenomorph strain of the Exsurgent virus and are slowly making their way toward Noctis. In addition to the players, the consortium is looking into the incident, and won't appreciate interference.
  • A criminal group has started kidnapping specific people and using them to produce skillsofts for rare skills. One of the skillsofts contains a vapor of a Firewall agent, along with enough memories to cause the agency trouble.
  • A group of radical bioconservatives has created a virus that targets a sequence of genes ubiquitous to uplifts.
  • An experimental nanoswarm morph's reproduction control has gone haywire, leading to the person sleeved into it essentially becoming sapient grey goo.
  • A Hypercorp doing research on Exsurgent-infected humans has managed to create a new version of Psi-Opener that gives access to epsilon sleights. A sample leaked out of the lab, though, and the criminals whose hands it fell into have drawn plenty of attention to themselves.
  • A group has managed to get their hands on a recording of an incapacitating Basilisk hack and has been using it toward their own goals. Firewall would like a copy for investigation, but they're not interested in sharing...
  • Firewall needs the group to drop off a cache of nanomachines for possible future use... in a heavily Jovian-controlled base.
  • A high-ranking Project Ozma agent wants to defect to Firewall, but his organization isn't very fond of that idea...
  • A Firewall operative has been captured by the Junta and must be busted out of Maui Patera.
  • Firewall wants to know what exposed the Lost Generation to Watts-McLeod. The PCs must find one of the facilities that originally raised them to investigate. Of course, the only one within a month of travel still has some of them in cold storage.
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Re: Random Adventures

Not as many, but it's something:

  • Cognite has started a new project from the aftermath of Project Futura called Project Cassandra, and they seem to be trying to fast-grow an army of async soldiers.
  • A TITAN delta fork left over from their singularity has reactivated and is heading from the Oort cloud to the inner system to pick up where his progenitors left off.
  • The PCs have been framed by an exsurgent for destroying an entire habitat, and Firewall's hands are tied from interfering, lest their presence make Firewall public knowledge. PCs must now avoid arrest or death at the hands of various justice-seekers, while trying to hunt down the exsurgent who caused it all.
  • Firewall wants to build an egocasting post on Earth which can be used for further ventures on the surface. To do so, Players must bring the protean swarm hives designed for the task to an obscure enough location to build it. If that isn't an option, they must find a good location and clear it of any TITAN threats.
  • Meathab has awakened as a biological Seed AI, and it puts all of its inhabitants at risk.
  • A new xenomorphic exsurgent species has shown the ability to perfectly imitate someone's brainwave patterns and physical properties, and has "doppelganged" the players in an attempt to infiltrate Firewall.
  • A minor hypercorp went quiet a few months back, and players have to enter their habitat to find out what happened. As player get within, they see immediate signs that the hypercorp may have been experimenting with the exsurgent virus, and Epsilon sleight-capable exsurgents have taken over the building.
  • A pandora portal opens up on some isolate habitat, and exhumans pour in from the Discord gate. Players must travel there to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Transhumans will one day be the Luddites of the posthuman age.

Help me get my gaming fix, if you want.

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Re: Random Adventures