Quick Questions on Hacking in EP2

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Quick Questions on Hacking in EP2

[EDIT] Sorry, looks like I just needed to read down to the section on subversion! Not sure how to delete this post.

Hey folks, just wanted to clear up some stuff on hacking.

Lets say you're doing a subtle intrusion hack on a system and you succeed (no superiors / critical) and get your User privileges, but you wanted a better account type. Is there a way to then try and upgrade your access to Security / Admin?

My basic knowledge tells me you'd have to start over and try doing the Subtle Intrusion again over another hour. Would you then also get the bonus +30 for having hacked the system once before?

Or would you be able to perform a Hacking Test to try and elevate your account the same way you can try to elevate your security status? (complex action, hacking test, superiors add an extra step) Would that alter alert status? Would you it take another hour to try? Is it better to just try getting a legit account or spoofing?

Any help would be appreciated!
Kind regards, Klaus