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A Quick Question

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A Quick Question
Howdy Forum People. This is mostly a question for the developers, but someone else might be able to answer it. A few of you may remember that when the game released however many months back I did a write up for a system that let GM's make custom BioMorphs that had a CP Cost that was completely balanced to the ones provided in the book. That's all well and good, and I am in fact really quite curious to see if the new Morphs in Sunward will follow the same pattern the Corebook does. I recently began playing Eclipse Phase again and decided I might as well have another go at something I couldn't figure out first time around. Writing up a system that would let GM's make balanced custom SynthMorphs. First time around I could not find an apparent cost pattern, any I did find refused to line up for all the sample SynthMorphs. So my question is this: Is there an actual pattern for SynthMorphs? I know the Dev's used one for the BioMorphs, but after a week or so of looking at the Synths I am getting more and more convinced that such a pattern does not exist for them. I am not really asking what the design system for them was, just if there is one? If there is, great, I will continue glancing at the numbers and letting my subconscious work away at it. If there is not, great, I can quit having it bug me that I cannot figure it out :p (If one of the other EP players has figured out a number pattern that works for Synths I would love to have a look at it) Quick Edit while I am at it: Will Sunward have more Synth morphs? Part of my current problem is my sample size for Synths is quite small. Would be easier if there was more of them.