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Quick NPC Rules?

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Quick NPC Rules?
Has anyone come up with/used a 'simplified' NPC creation ruleset or anything? Like... it's a bit much to develop a character sheet for every NPC. Does anyone have a list of things they've found that NPCs really need to have? I'd guess aptitudes, and 2-3 skills or something. Any hints?
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Tips? Aptitudes are not hard. There are a number of aptitude templates on p. 44. Most people should fall in those ranges. Someone who does not fit in those ranges are worth noting. Skills are not hard either. Write down a few things that describe the character. For example, a hacker should have good skills in infosec, interface, and programming. Something maybe in the range of 50 or 60. An experienced hacker should have skills in the range of 70 or even 80. An inexperienced hacker could have scores in the range of 40 or even less. Being a hacker should mean they probably have skills in persuade and deceive as well, to convince someone to hand over valuable information. They might be poor in physical skill. The idea is to pick broad stereotypes, to say a lot about a character. An athlete would be someone who is good in physical skills. An enforce would be someone who threatens people with violence in the criminal world. A medic is someone who knows medical skills to help people. Actually, the lists for background, career, and interests would work as good stereotypes. The fields you use during character creation. You don't need to tally up the skills, just know if they are poorly (40 or less), moderately (50-60), or highly (70-80) skilled as those stereotypes.
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I've been using some really
I've been using some really quick and dirty math that's close to yours. For run of the mill nameless NPCs that just fill a role, "Pick an aptitude template, pick three skills at 40, one skill at 60." Increase that to two 60 skills and one 70 skill for a high-level NPC. A dangerous group gets 1-2 Threat Points to share between them, and anything more important than that gets "normal" chargen.
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Ok, so about what I thought
Ok, so about what I thought then. Hmm. I may end up making an 'NPC tracker' on my online character sheet thingy for GMs. What features would you want to see? The goal would be to have it be as streamlined as possible so as not to take up the... 3-4 pages that a single character sheet takes up. So maybe just... it doesn't show anything other than aptitudes and skills by default? Hmm. Or just extremely simplified lists of gear (no item stats, just a flat list of 'things they have'...)
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NPC stat block
An NPC tracker would be really nice! In terms of output, I think something like the enemies stat blocks in the book (around pages 380-381 and beyond) would be a good format. 1. Main combat stats and pools (Init, Armor Value, Fray skill, WT/DUR/DR + pools or threat points) 2. Main weapons' stats 3. Perceive skill and move rating 4. Aptitudes and Aptitude checks scores 5. flat list of skills with the total score 6. flat list of Ware, Gear and Traits (if any)