Questions Regarding Mixing Swarmanoids

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Questions Regarding Mixing Swarmanoids

A few questions about swarmanoids. What would be the effects of mixing different swarms? The rules in Transhuman allows you to "repair" swarmanoids by adding more microbots, and it allows you to form bigger swarms or split swarms. However, the rules seem to be very focused on using swarms of the same type. It is like the devs didn't think at the time that your swarm might be a custom job, or your chosen swarm type isn't available. Any swarm bots available wouldn't be the right type for consistency.

What happens to things like chameleon skin if you can't get replacement microbots? Does a few microbots break the invisibility? How difficult would it be to instruct a few microbots that can't turn invisible to stay out of sight? For instance, "You guys, go hide in the garden over there!" or "Stay in the shrubs while the rest of us move in the open.". What if there is more than a few swarm bots out of place?

Likewise, what happens to aptitude bonuses? Do you borrow rules from flexbots? Actually, are there any swarms with aptitude bonuses? Doing a quick search, I can't find any. Is aptitude bonuses something that swarmanoids should have?