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[Questions] Personality chips and skillsoft

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[Questions] Personality chips and skillsoft
Hi everybody, I have 2 questions related to EP (wonderful game I have to say !) and maybe you can help me : 1) As a big cyberpunk fan, I was totally in love of the personnality chips, a small program allowing to change the habits and way of thinking of a person. I look for this through the different books but I was unable to find something close to that and I was a little sad. I know that you will thay "you have psychochirugy for that" but no, psychochirurgy is a personnality rewriting process, something permanent and deep, and I'm thinking of something as flexible than changing a shirt. Did I miss something and does this exist ? If yes, where ? If not, why ? :) 2) I'm a little doubtful regarding the complementary skills and synergy bonuses. If I'm right, I could use a skillsoft for exemple for (40+Attribute, let say 15 =55), plus the bonus for an appropriate complementary skill up to +30, plus some bonuses of working together (+10/person). For example, If I have an interface skill test to do I could start with 40 (skill soft)+15+30 (80 in theory programming) +10 (my muses) for a total of 95 without any point in the skill... I find this not very fair. Am I wrong in my understanding of the rules ? Thank you for your time and help !
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Psychosurgery isn't
Psychosurgery isn't necessarily permanent, so it can fulfill the same role. Deep permanent psychosurgery is fairly hard actually. For lighter work guidence from a Muse is similar. You're a little incorrect, a skillsoft gives a *skill rating* of 40, and skill ratings include the base attribute so your total is 40, not 40+attribute. In both the case a skill rating of 40 and 55 your complementary skill bonus is +20, not +30. So your total is 15 lower than in you calculation, for a total of 80, not 95. Either way it's not broken because Skillware is expensive and niche.
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There are no chips that
There are no chips that change your personality. At least not yet. In the mean time, maybe you'll settle for some drugs? The drugs in EP are better than modern day variety, and not illegal in many places. You might find a cocktail that gets the effects you want. The core rulebook has 3 social drugs, and you can always develop new ones for your games. The list wasn't supposed to cover everything possible. By the way, what kind of personality chips do you have in mind? Could you point me to some reference material? Skillware is limited to 40 points (regardless of aptitude). Technically, there are those who will dispute it, as the rules are too vague to take any side. I think a limit of 40 makes sense because that is the same limit that limited AIs have.
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In Gibson's Neuromancer, one
In Gibson's Neuromancer, one of the characters is a personality construct, existing only on a chip. The personality is a 'recording' or 'snapshot' of someone at a point in time. It interacts with 'real' people via a data interface, can not turn itself off or on (though others can obvs), and loses any new memories when it is turned off. 'Flatline' Dixie - so-called because he had come back from flatlining i.e. from the dead. When he had flatlined he was trying to hack into an AI. Later on, someone that turned out to be directed by this AI conveniently had a personality construct of Dixie close to hand as a sort of guide/mentor/advisor (also convenient for info-dumping on the reader).
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Thanks a lot for your replies
Thanks a lot for your replies.
DivineWrath wrote:
By the way, what kind of personality chips do you have in mind? Could you point me to some reference material?
Behaviour Chips are from Cyberpunk2020 - Chrome2 Sourcebook [url=https://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=172303BehaviourChips1.png][img... [url=https://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=901946BehaviourChips2.png][img...
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Behaviour Chips
So in Eclipse phase terms it could be implemented either as social drugs/narcoalgorithms or as psychosurgery. You can find several extra examples and suggestions on possible mental effects at Path of Totality: www.aleph.se/EclipsePhase/
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Generally effects as
Generally effects as described in provided captions are deep identity changers. Considering even EP levels of technology they would be magic. In the whole setting there is a strong sentiment that the ego is who you are. Changing the personality like that would be basically swapping egos that accidentally have the same memories. Legally and by even today's standards it would be being another person. In EP people are ultimately identified by their brainscan (hash of an ego). What you describe would change the brainscan making you in the eyes of everyone (including law enforcement) a different person. There is no tech to do that maybe except for a multiple-personality implant.
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Very interesting answer
Very interesting answer CordialUltimate2, thanks a lot. Thank you, Xoden. I have to give a look to this link.
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It should not be forgotten
It should not be forgotten that it is possible (but very expensive) to "install" a secondary personality (or the capacity to do so) into a morph as a bioware. This doesn't even necessarily include the secondary personality, just that you can effectively run a second Ego in your body. That said, others are right in that the chip effect you might aim for is more like nanodrugs (which are capable of directly altering emotional and mental states) or certain Psychosurgery procedures for behavioral modification, which are normally temporary. There are also negative morph traits like Memory or Personality Artifact, or Uncontrollable Urge in [i]Transhuman[/i] for more of an on-going character flaw sort of situation. Morphs can also have Skill Artifacts as a positive trait if you want to kind of creatively couch the situation like getting a morph with some interesting artifacts with unintended consequences to the user.
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