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questions on interior art

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questions on interior art
As Adam suggested me on Facebook, I'm gonna ask the question here on the chapter 12 overview page, there is this gorgeous illustration of a landscape with stone arches. So either it was taken in the Pandorian Hallelujah Montains near the Vitraya Ramunong on a rainy day, or it shows one of the exoplanets in the game. my question is, which one? my other question is: on page 107 of the corerule book, we see a view of a city on Titan, but no indication of which one. Is it Aarhus? New Québec? Nyhav'n? It shows at least that there is a lot of roads onTitan. that would mean loves of smaller cities, right? if someone had a map of Titan, that would be awesome! last question. How do you picture the myst tries (funny pun, guys!)? Personnally, I picture them just like the Utrayä Amokriyä (voice tree) in Avatar, but emiting eerie sing voice that can go from soft and soothing to downright deadly painful that would make the Banshee proud, like the Martian Songspire trees in the Kovacs novels
[center] Q U I N C E Y ^_*_^ F O R D E R [/center] Remember The Cant! [img]http://tinyurl.com/h8azy78[/img] [img]http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg205/tachistarfire/theeye_fanzine_us...