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Questions about official Adventures

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Questions about official Adventures
Hello, There are some official Adventures for Eclipse Phase but I would like not to spoiler them for myself I have a few questions about them: 1. Which of them would you categorize as egocasting heavy/limited egocasting or no-egocasting (fixed location/region)? 2. Which allow custom PCs, not prepared one? 3. Which of them would you categorize as challanging? 4. Which are more combat-story even and which have more investigation/story or more combat/action? 5. Which are your favorite and why (without spoilers pls :P ) Thanks for all the answers!
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No easy way...
Any scenario is a fighting scenario if your players can't think out of the box. Conversely many of these can be done with minimal combat. I prefer Continuity as a good convention scenario. With hand picked pregens, it needs very little set up to engage the players who are new to the game. Ego Hunter is fun. Something for more experienced players. Can't really be dropped into a campaign. Here is the breakdown of official adventures as I know them: Mind the WMD (1st Edition Quick Start Rules)
  • As written, resleeving is a given. It is more for show of what the game can do, and you can do without if needed.
  • Pre-gens provided, but not necessary.
  • Starts off as investigative, moves to Combat Driven Ego Hunter
  • No need to ego cast
  • NEEDS to be run with the pre-gens.
  • Mostly investigative. One section of necessary combat. Million Year Echo
  • No need to ego cast
  • Can run with customs but the pre-gens are fun.
  • Can flip between combat and investigation. Glory
  • No need to ego cast
  • No pre-gens provided
  • Likely combat driven. Bump in the Night
  • No need to ego-cast
  • No pre-gens provided
  • One scene nearly requires combat. Continuity
  • No need to ego cast.
  • No pre-gens, but be prepared to strip down custom characters to their basics. I would not insert into the middle of a campaign.
  • Mostly investigative, but at least one scene will be combat driven, probably more. When I run it, there are easily two scenes of combat. The Devotees
  • No need to ego cast. You should approach Legba by shuttle. Just saying.
  • No pre-gens provided
  • From my read throughs, this can get combat driven fairly quick. Acrimony (2e Quick Start Rules)
  • No need to ego cast. Moves people to Kongyun via shuttle.
  • Pre-gens aren't a necessity, but are fun.
  • Investigative, combat is an option.