Question regarding personal use TShirt ideas

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Question regarding personal use TShirt ideas

I'd like to make a couple of personalized TShirts for myself that I can wear to GenCon. I know that personal use isn't necessarily a problem, except for two things.

1) I'd like to have them silkscreened with the EP Logo so they last better than home printed iron on stuffs, and I'd like people to be able to associate the idea presented with the game.

2) I suspect that taking the idea to a professional designer, even if only for one time personal purchase, is a violation of copyright, because the logo IS copy protected, and I think I'd need a handwritten waiver before anyone would do it.

How exactly would I get this done in a way that would keep Posthuman Studios from being unhappy? I really don't want you guys mad at me, since I plan on GMing for you again this year and in future years.

The ideas are simple text, no images.....but again, I think they'd work better with the logo on them.

If you want to know and print them so you can sell them and make money (and I would buy them from you guys instead of making my own), there were two of them.

1) "I went to Legba on vacation, and all I got was my stack popped."

2) "My other morph is a Reaper."

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I think anything in the

I think anything in the hackpacks are fine to use? you just can't sell the shirt off your back.

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Trademarks are pretty tricky

Trademarks are pretty tricky beasts. Their primary job, is to identity services or products. Like if you made a series of dungeons without any system tie in, you could use DnD trademark logo to say it was compatible.

Transhuman Studio may say no, because its less of a hassle, then trying to jump through the hoops to see if they can say yes.