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Question on criticals and moxi

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Question on criticals and moxi
Imagine that, during one opposed text, one of the players decides to use one Moxi point to make sure their roll is a critical hit, and the opposite player has scored a natural critical hit. Which one would be victorious? I imagine that the one with the highest roll, but what do you all think about it? This is important, as Rob Boyle pointed out that if both players roll a critical, the one who wins the roll has a critical success, while his opponent has a critical failure (even if he had sucess in the test).
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Re: Question on criticals and moxi
I would say highest roll, it's probably best to keep the same mechanic in trump situations as would be applied when two normal rolls are compared. Unless you want to say a natural critical trumps the artificial I think a natural critical trumping an artificial would be a cool house rule to reward the luck of rolling the crit still, but i suppose there is already a luck element to begin with in how high either roll is.
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